Influencing Students’ Psychological Well-Being. Each committee member reviews the packages of letters for all candidates. The nomination package should include the following as four separate attachments: Reflects highest standards of research quality and excellence appropriate to the methods and methodology used. This letter must include a current e-mail, phone number, and mailing address for contacting the author.

To nominate a candidate, there must be a nominating letter and two supporting letters. Dissertations employing any theoretical and methodological orientation may be nominated as long as they make an important contribution to education policy. Flores was awarded a research grant to explore the conditions that promote the retention of teachers teaching in low performing schools and to examine the academic, personal, and cultural indicators of successful mathematics and science teachers, specifically those teaching English language learners. Teaching and Teacher Education, 44 , Angela Urick Division B: Corriveau and Katelyn E.

aera outstanding dissertation award

Journal-length manuscript summarizing the study derived from the dissertation and written by the nominee. In addition to being a nationally renowned scholar, Dr. The application must include the submission of three separate documents:. Cook, Marcia Mentkowski, and Paul F. Joseph and Rita Kohli Henry T.

Evans Program Evaluation Award: To be eligible, the report must have been completed after November 1, and at least one author must be a member of Division L. Honorable Mention Dissertation Award.


It may also be an interdisciplinary effort that identifies a problem aaard to the community of scholars in higher education. Prior to joining ASU, Dr. Davis Early Career Award: Complete nominations that awrad received by the deadline will be reviewed by the Division L Dissertation Award Committee.

Denise McLurkin dmclurkin calbaptist. Decisions will be made after February 15, This letter must include a current e-mail, phone number, and mailing address for contacting the author.

aera outstanding dissertation award

Link to Dissertation Dissertation Co-Chairs: The Next Generation of Research. To nominate a candidate, there must be a nominating letter and two supporting letters.

Outstanding Dissertation Award

Single Mothers and the Pursuit of Postsecondary Education. A faculty member may nominate no more than two candidates.

This study challenges deficit perspectives associated to transfronterizx children, families, and communities and offers important theoretical and actionable contributions that can transform educational settings to become spaces that support all students and their bi multi lingual experiences. The review and selection process will be completed during the Annual Meeting. Understanding the Personal in Personal Practical Knowledge.


aera outstanding dissertation award

Eligibility Criteria Dissertation topic should be congruent with the award purposes as described above. In dissertatiob, the award will be given to a long policy report more than 35 pages in length that best reflects the following selection criteria:. This year-long case study explores the language practices and ideologies that shape learning in a second-grade two-way immersion TWI classroom.


Table of contents c. The poster with the highest combined score wins.

Alum Chávez-Moreno receiving Outstanding Dissertation Awards from two AERA SIGs

Special recognition to an outstanding dissertation or doctoral thesis written in English that contributes important knowledge to the study of doctoral education is given biennially. Call for Award Nominations. Submission Requirements A nomination package shall contain the following materials: The Awards Committee of Division L will consist of the overall chair and a co-chair for each award.

Specifically, the committee will evaluate the following aspects of each nominee’s record: Lynn Albee lalbee smumn. The analyses focused on policy, curriculum, pedagogy, and ideologies, and drew data from policy documents, interviews, post-observation discussions with teachers, and participant observations of schools, classrooms and community events.