Then a constructed response where you have to analyze data to strategically plan to move forward your ESOL students. I wish they’d give people a refund for failing or at least charge them half to retake these exams. Click below the question to view the answer. This offer is open to all that will be able to repay back in due time. Some of the questions are multiple choice and others require essay answers. My score went up by 40 points!

Worst of all they jeopardize your job. I read the book cover to cover twice I did not want to take the exam a third time. Pearson, who is not paid by the DOE to product these tests, are simply taking it upon themselves to create tests to make you fail and collect your money as their income since they don’t get paid! Well, students studying to become teachers in New York State are living this dream as reality. I have four teaching licenses 3 from Puerto Rico and one from Florida. On the safety net, I was asked questions about the language and terms used in London, how would I know this since I live in New York? No one reports having leftover time, they work right up to the last minute.

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The price of the book is a major bargain for the information you receive. Unknown September 15, at 9: They said they understood my frustration and they were sorry but that I explained the word instead of actually saying the word.

I called Pearson to have them explain an answer that I knew to be correct, that would have easily given me the point I needed. I have taken the EAS five times with a score of Took the test twice.

alst exam essay

I’m wondering whether to bother anymore. Hi everyone, I took Students with disabilities 4 times and keep failing by points.

Deconstructing the NYSTCE for the ALST: Bridgette Gubernatis: : Books

In what is clearly an intentional effort to produce higher failure rates on licensure exams, the New York State Education Department has rushed to implement new, harder tests and to make the edTPA a certification requirement as part of a political agenda backed by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Governor Cuomo, and former Commissioner John King.


I agree, the governor i have voted in office and all that is head of the certification is cheating us all. Regardless, you need to read the book to prep for the class and especially the exam. If various amendments were made to the handbook then it obviously wasn’t ready to be shared with the public.

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Eam you want to be financially stable? The ALST requires college graduates read and interpret passages on akst topics and answer questions based on the readings. These are meant to cover all of the certification areas to ensure that physical education teachers, for example, know enough about physical education to teach it. Alexandra Miletta January 28, at 4: They break down each section of the test with strategies that will make the exam much more manageable.

My have photos and records of everyone that takes the exams and the locations offering the testing as well as the days the tests are offered Before you take the test you are asked to sign a document that states you will not share information in the esaay with other candidates.

I cant afford to prove my score is wrong on my own.

alst exam essay

The EDtpa is in itself essxy making me wonder how recording one or two lessons in a class which isn’t our own affirms we’ll be good teachers? This is scheduled to be answered in 3 hours and 15 minutes. It was a lot easier than the practice exams I looked through for me but then I reached the end and there was a copy right notice for a couple of articles or excerpts I did NOT see on the exam and no copy right notices for any of the ones that I did.


Now that they have revised the requirements we shall see if they are willing to compensate people for the damage they have done. Any suggestions on how to pass? Sign this petition to a,st those of us battling with the fraudulent teacher certification exams and Pearson, to be noticed and hopefully take action!

I finally got a job that I liked but i order to get the pay that I deserve I have to pass these exams.

alst exam essay

I called the state education department to question my score and compare my index performance to their sample score of and index performance. Which phrase is closest in meaning to the word “cataclysmically” as it is used in the sentence above? Start early, get super organized, and alsg away.

Could you pass the literacy test for prospective teachers? –

We have had to blindly try to figure out why the students are failing. Five areas are tested, but als two types of responses pertain to the three most important according to the test creators: On the safety net, I was asked questions about the language and terms used in London, how would I know this since I live in New York?

The book even goes as far as breaking the essay portion of the exam sentence by sentence to help you write an effective essay. Don’t think twice, buy als