ESIM can simulate events accurately and efficiently, as well as other sensors such as a conventional camera including motion blur! January 23, DroNet: We analyze the role of perception latency, sensing range and actuation limitatations on the maximum speed a robot can reach to safely navigate in an unknown environment. We performed a live quadrotor demo at the Zurich Kunsthalle during the Langen Nacht der Zurcher Museen , as part of the Ways of Thinking show, in front of more than people. International Journal of Robotics Research , Other than of purely intellectual interest, this question is relevant to the medium-term challenges of robotics:

Our latest work on probabilistic, monocular dense reconstruction in real time. This paper also introduces a simple model of unstructured environments for which the Cramer-Rao bound is a function of two statistics of the shape of the environment: Bootstrapping Vehicles full screen ; paper. Bootstrapping bilinear models of Simple Vehicles. Further details are available in our paper presented at IROS Please have a look at The Robot Design Game.

Computing the exact Fisher Information Matrix FIM for pose tracking is hard, because the state comprises the map, which is infinite-dimensional and unknown. However, to use phdd sensors we must rethink the way we interpret visual data.

For more details, see the IROS’14 paper and the accompanying video. We describe several improvements that ameliorate performance: A Power-Performance Approach to Comparing Sensor Families, with application to comparing neuromorphic to traditional vision sensors. We have just completed the second ajdrea of The Robot Design Game.


The resulting bounds are independent of the map prior and representation.

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At nuTonomy, I lead advanced development projects for safety-critical embodied artificial intelligence. Welcome to Henri Rebecq as a new PhD student in our lab! Our performance at the IROS’18 Autonomous Drone Race Competition, where qndrea won the 1st place passing all 8 gates in just 30 seconds and outracing the 2nd placing team by a factor of 2!

August 1, New Postdocs and visiting students We welcome Dr. The matrix also offers a mathematically sound way to characterize under- constrained situations as those for which it is singular: February 1, RPG celebrates 3-year anniversary! Our paper titled “The Foldable Drone: Constraint estimation for aggressive maneuvers on driverless go-karts PDF, 1. We have deviced a Deep Neural Network, called DroNet, that teaches a drone how to fly autonomously and safely in the streets of a city, among other vehicles, by imitating the behavior or cars and bicycles!

We provide a complete framework for flying quadrotors based on control algorithms developed by the Robotics and Perception Group. June 15, Code for Event Lifetime released We are happy to announce the release phc the code for event lifetime.

See many other videos of related experiments.

This is what our former lab startup, Zurich Eye, now Thessi Zurich has been working on for the past two years. Congratulations to Henri Rebecq and Guillermo Gallego!


andrea censi phd thesis

Check out our media page! A Morphing Quadrotor that can Squeeze and Fly” received great attention from the media.

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The remaining turning decisions, not explained by this feature of the visual input, may be attributed to a combination of deterministic processes based on unobservable internal states thssis purely stochastic behavior. Read the paper for further details. We release the first public, large-scale dataset recorded with a drone in an urban environment at low altitudes m.

andrea censi phd thesis

September 20, Press release: The source code is released under a GPLv3 licence. Check out the video of our performance here and the official website of the competition here. From time to time, project supervisors will develop custom student research projects to fit with a student’s particular interests or skills. The source code is available for download.

andrea censi phd thesis

Check out our software page and the Github repository for more details. I am lucky to have found a double occupation that fascinates me and has a positive pnd. Dario Brescianini as new Postdoc in our lab!

It took me ten years to delegate this issue.