Timetabled, paper-based exams and Level 3 timetabled onscreen tests and tasks set and examined by Pearson. When I was about to move in to year 10, I was given the option as to whether I would like to do a BTEC in science or two out of the three main sciences studied in school as a dual award Biology, Chemistry or Physics. Better advice at school To really make a difference, work must start at school level to encourage students to take A-levels. While BTECs are praised for having widened access to university [pdf] for under-represented groups, many of these students could also have progressed to university via A-levels. Career experience frequently leads to an ability to cope with HND level education and the two year commitment can be better spent in acquiring a higher qualification. Bachelor’s degree, Foundation degree, Higher National Certificate.

I am studying A levels and I am finding it very hard, at school i studied one BTEC which was in business and it was easy becuase it was all coursework and now I am studying business part of my a levels and it is very hard compared to the BTEC standard but I agree with what you are saying because a friend of mine studies a lot of BTEC at school and now she is studying BTEC in hair and beauty at college. I used to wrinkle my nose at those who did BTECs, suggesting that they were for stupid people […]. Students with a good National Certificate or equivalent qualification may be considered for entry to the second year of the National Diploma course in which case “bridging” studies may be necessary. National qualifications frameworks in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Show 25 25 50 All. Reply Cancel reply Comment I think Can you get into university if you’re studying a BTEC?

Your unit grade is determined by how your mark compares to the grade boundaries. This is my coirsework Even though he had to get 3 xoursework distinctions he found it ok and getting distinctions in btec is courseworkk easier than getting straight As at A level and you get the same amount of UCAS points.


A-level students have the freedom to pursue any kind of education. A Levels can give young people a chance to find out about their favourite GCSE subjects in greater depth or perhaps do one of courseqork subjects that many schools and colleges only offer at A Level such as Law, Economics or Psychology.

Your work is marked or moderated by our examiners. The challenge is for schools to identify those who would most benefit from the A-level route and persuade them to follow it at an age when they are also being heavily influenced by their peers and families. What is their equivalent in Ucas points? Missing a few points there. The course is available from Edexcel and is in many different subjects.

I have friends doing btecs working 3 days a week with very little btdcs, whilst im doing 4 alevels and struggling to find time to go out with my family. If you do not enjoy the subject then BTEC is not the right choice to make. Add yourself to our email list.

What is the difference between A Levels and BTECs?

There are some very good points made in this article, which is let down only by the last couple of lines. Results and certification Understanding marks and grades Post-results services. User tabs Internally assessed units External assessed units. It provides learners with the necessary education to join the Uniformed Public Services in more responsible and challenging roles such as Police Officer or in the Armed Forces.

are btecs all coursework

In most land-based industries, science usually double science will be a preferred subject, together with Maths and English. Btecw for a course. Students are assessed by coursework only and Possibly 2 Internal Exams.

If the college is satisfied that the student has the ability to benefit successfully from the course. A gentle nudge might involve providing information to pupils about the paths that A-levels will open or facilitate.


How are BTECs assessed?

BTECs Vs A-levels

You are still asked to evaluate your work coursewoork the form of essays and in conjunction to cohrsework case, imagery. The Ordinary National Diploma is a vocational qualification at Level 3.

Other subjects you can study at BTEC include childcare, construction, media, performing arts, sports science and travel and tourism. Universities should also emphasise to their staff that students do not start out at university equally prepared, since BTEC holders have developed different skills to those with A-levels and will respond to different methods of learning.

are btecs all coursework

A site for adults wanting to get back into learning Take coirsework look. The qualifications offer a mix of theory and practice and can also include an element of work experience.

With hard work on the course work I managed to get three distinctions that equated to Ucas points and never once was I told this wouldnt be accepted. Universities set their own entry requirements, which vary depending on subject and the course. This is problematic, since there are certain groups of student more likely to arrive with BTECs, some of whom come from groups that already underperform.

Most of my IT class was just going to leave college and get themselves a full time job. Follow us on Twitter gdnhighered. I still am glad that this BTEC was accepted by my first choice college. Learn more about how university ate requirements work here.