While in the app there is no explanation about what you get for a membership. Pinball and arcade machines. So buyer beware of those issues before you purchase. FIXED wrong operation of lower left drop target when a new game starts. That’s why it flashes “game time bonus” on the 4th ball- its a bonus round, not a fourth ball per se. I was surprised by the details on these old machines. Need MFI controller support!

Big applause to the creators, now let’s get some iCade support for the rest of this developer’s apps. Graphics, sound and re-creation are great. Additionally, the ‘backbox’ eliminated the traditional numeric or alpha-numeric score and status displays in favor of a small color TV screen, sometimes containing video game elements. ADDED a new ball rolling sound effect. The developers did not dumb these tables down. The logo consists of their initials.

ask homework zaccaria pinball

They had created and produced more than 35 different pinball machines between and If you want to show someone why IAPs are a cancer, show them this app. The time hole shot on time machine won’t give the ball back, and calling the attendant just forces a drain. Even the heavy hitters Zen and Pinball arcade can’t match the customizability and price per table that Zaccharia offers. I would like for this app developer to produce some ‘s style tables, too.


Can’t play like this. Most recent update definitely improved gameplay.

Tables are beautiful, and they’re fun to play. It will get there though. Options like playing a table on a lit room or a dark room are great, however the physics are way off.

Balls move more naturally, flippers no longer feel like they’re made of felt. Glad to see developers continuing to improve product! Read More Read Less. Metal Pinball – Classic arcade maniacs Duy Nguyen 5.

Hill Climb Tuning Masters Pris: I agree to the Terms of Service. The games themself are pretty well done. If you’re a fan pinnball real pinball it’s a no brainier.

ask homework zaccaria pinball

Solid physics, nice options, including regular and invert nudge direction options- very important. Maybe the best pinball app for the iPad, and I’ve played about all of them.

ask homework zaccaria pinball

Looking forward to the upcoming tables and hopefully continuous improvement. FIXED wrong save function of tilt setting. This app has huge potential if the devs refine the game.


Zaccaria Pinball Master Edition

FIXED wrong save function zaccadia camera setting. Retrieved from ” https: Great app keeps getting better. Enjoyed playing them until one day I realized that, except for one, they were gone! Their lighting effects are simply spectacular. The lower setting makes faster performance on slower devices.

Zaccaria Pinball (Video Game) – TV Tropes

Enjoying the true-to-life classic pinball. The plunger keeps getting stuck and the left flipper is stuck in an open position. Zaccaria ‘Granada ‘ “.

Pick this one up! These pinball machines are from Italy Homewoek produced pinball machines from until