There are many different types of requirements like functional requirement, non functional More information. Use Case A set of scenarios related by a common actor and a goal A description of sequences of More information. There is an OD limit associated with each cheque account. Introductions Check It Out 2 Objectives: If the deposit slot receives a deposit envelope within two minutes, the ATM credits the deposit amount to the user s account in the bank s database i.

Users may view their balance or transfer or withdraw money using these cards. Chapter 7 Process Analysis and Diagramming Chapter 5 introduced the concept of business process and composition as an aspect of process design. OO and incremental software development 1. Customers may get ATM cards on request. Cards may be used to access many accounts and an account may be accessed using different cards.

WordPress Embed Customize Embed. The multiplicity value Identify stakeholders, their goals and viewpoints. The ReliaCard is an electronic. The UML may be used to visualize, specify, construct.

In this section, we determine many of the attributes needed in the ATM system. We will investigate how they are drawn, how they.

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If it is lost by the Bank. If yes, it’s about time you casd to start thinking about how to manage your money. A PIN is associated with each card to verify the authority of the user. But how can you recognize a process in a description of business More information.


atm case study ooad

Save on time, transact in seconds and bank even on holidays. This file will be helpful during viva exam. But how can you recognize a process in a description of business. We may also conclude that some of the nouns do not correspond to parts of the system and thus should not be modeled at all. The need for additional classes, attributes and behaviors may become clear as the design process proceeds.

There are many different types of requirements like functional requirement, non functional More information. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

atm case study ooad

Card withdraw 1 Identify Collaborations. Start display at page:. The brand marks on your card indicate where the card. Presentation Description No description available. Cardholder Frequently Asked Questions.

Next the list the words ooaf phrases from the requirements document that describe each class. To explain Use-Cases for requirements capturing and modeling.

Class attributes are implemented in Java programs as fields, and class operations are implemented as methods. Every system has both structure and behavior designers must specify both. It also supports a large number of ATMs placed with different merchants.

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The middle compartment contains the class s attributes. How to allocate these tasks to different classes? Similarly the money dispenser is able to dispense the required amount of money. A part may belong to only one whole at a time, although it may be removed and attached to another whole, which then assumes responsibility for the part.

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Sommerville Slide 1 Interactive system definition Interactive systems can be defined as More information. There is no OD facility for a savings account. The concept of this machine was for customers to pay utility More information.

Oklahoma MasterCard Debit Card.