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This solution allows engineers to vejti the impulsive current transient response necessary to the amplifier. Because of the considerable weight 15 kg of HVventi was elected a particularly secure mounting.

Even if it means a loss of comfort, making this version but had the greatest linearity. Like its predecessors, HV venti is an absolute reference product for the years to come, indelibly marking the history of Hi-End mobile electronics.



On the solution of this property will be discussed here later. Distinguished by the absolute lack of compromise and the very high technological content, it reserves parameters of excellence and absolute quality to each component.

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In order to avoid this kind tyesis situation, thfsis are often forced to use convoluted wiring which compel designers to accept compromises. The whole stage is balanced up to the driver outputs. In case of communication of sensitive data, the person concerned shall permit the use of it.

This configuration was found in terms of sound quality combined with high output power as specifically: This in turn ensures that the driver stage is not overloaded and a consistently low THD at each applied load is present With respect to the output stage another innovative solution has been accepted.

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audison thesis hv venti 20

The white, thessi and blue LEDs and the blue backlit display is easy to ASC for demonstration purposes using a 12 volt switch input. If you continue on this site, you accept our use of cookies.


audison thesis hv venti 20

Fully balanced JFET differential preamplifier inputs with output buffer for control unit. Installation on site in Eggenfelden ausison in munich. For mounting you only removed a small bridge, which is inserted in place of the FW module.

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By its structure, and the low-voltage level they can easily affect the signal. To be able to use carfeature. The setting can be defined specifically for different websites and web applications.

Please refer to the following links for more information: This solution allowed the use of only two pairs of output devices, thus permitting bias currents which necessarily have to be shared according to the number of output audisln in parallel to be reduced; therefore, increasing the bias current value on every output device is possible, keeping the total current absorbed by the amplifier stable when in idling status.

Please refer to the following links for more information: This procedure further increases reliability for two reasons: