He received a B. A year before Independence he became a minister in the provisional union cabinet. Minister in the Interim Government. His first wife died in A chair for late Jagjivan Ram inaugurated”.

He joined Aggrawal Middle School in Arrah in , where the medium of instruction was English for the first time, and joined Arrah Town School in Sharma, Devendra Prasad He went on to serve as a minister with various portfolios for more than forty years as a member of the Indian National Congress INC. However, he resigned his membership on the issue of irrigation cess. Jagjivan drank water from the Hindu pot, and because he was from an untouchable class, the matter was reported to the Principal, who placed a third pot for ” untouchables ” in the school. Retrieved 25 June

When it became clear that the independence of India could not be delayed for long, the British rulers decided to form an Interim Government, to which they could transfer power. Which States Share Boundary with China?

babu jagjivan ram essay in telugu

Retrieved 25 August He reviewed the old labour laws and telufu them in a more effective manner. Ram, Jagjivan; Shachi Rani Gurtu He was instrumental in the foundation of the All-India Depressed Classes Leaguean organisation dedicated to attaining equality for untouchables, in and was elected to Bihar Legislative Assembly inafter which he organised the rural labour movement.

babu jagjivan ram essay in telugu

His uninterrupted representation in the Parliament from to is a world record. He was of the view that Dalit leaders should telugi only fight for social reforms but, te,ugu demand political representation. Jagjivan broke this pot twice in protest, until the Principal decided against placing the third pot. In when he joined Arrah Town School, he realised that discrimination against Dalits was still rife.


In the Constituent Assembly [12] he advocated for the rights of Dalits and argued for affirmative action based on caste in elected bodies and government services. State level roads were converted into national highways on a large scale. Birbal, a well-known social worker of Kanpur.

5 April Babu Jagjivan Ram, union minister, was born

In he was nominated to the Bihar Council. Metrology was used for the first teluug in river valley projects, irrigation projects and in the navy. He settled the international water disputes over distribution of river Ganga waters with Bangladesh. At the national level, disputes over the distribution of the Ganga water were settled between different States.

He also ensured unopposed victory of 14 other candidates of BDCL from reserved constituencies. He was also drawn into the Indian National Congress.

It was here that he faced caste discrimination for the first time, yet remained unfazed. Young Jagjivan attended a local school in January He was the youngest member in the 2 interim governments.

Jagjivan Ram

Jagjivan Ram was nominated to the Bihar Council. Later, a meeting with the renowned nationalist leader Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya, who had come to visit the school, inspired him.

babu jagjivan ram essay in telugu

The school honours Babuji and his advocacy of education and opportunity for all people of lower castes by being the first Pune Municipal Corporation public school to offer education past the 7th grade. Defence Minister – 28 March to 24 January To know more, please read our privacy policy by clicking here.


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He modernized the railways and extended its network to different parts of the country. The following were the Members of the Interim Government: Scholarship was offered for the first time for pilot training in flying clubs. Sharma, Devendra Prasad He went on to serve essay a minister with various portfolios for more than forty years as a member of jzgjivan Indian National Congress INC.

His father Sobhi Ram was with the British Indian Armyposted at Peshawarbut later resigned due to some differences, and bought farming land in his native village Chandwa and settled there. He decided to join the Congress.

He also extended the network of post, telegraph and telecommunication to remote village areas.