Ngoc Lien had presented an overview of the study, subjects, semester, credit, The University of Basel has seven faculties covering a wide spectrum of academic disciplines. Especially in the last part of the seminar, Ms. This project is aimed to support Vietnamese pupils and students to practise and improve their English skills through direct communication with Native Speakers from AUT. Following the contents of the preamble, in the second part of the workshop, Ms.

In recent years, the university’s leaders have strengthened the cohesion, found out new cooperation model between FTU and enterprises. The university also works closely with domestic and international partners to make relevant contributions to the advancement of the sciences and society. From right to left: It accompanies the potential new entrepreneurs from the project conception to the project realization, consolidation and development. From FTU, there were: But this was the first signing ceremony between FTU and businesses in the new year and hope this new model will bring practical benefits for both sides.

In the last year studying in Switzerland, students will learn in-depth about the subjects of finance, marketing and administration. Donec blandit eros non nunc lacinia, vel ullamcorper massa cursus. The participants of Ministry of Education and Sports Laos include: In international rankings, the University of Basel is regularly placed among the top universities in the world thanks to its research achievements.

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This also means that the University of Basel pays particular attention to aspects of sustainability, equal opportunity and knowledge transfer. FTU is among the most well-known universities in Vietnam, covering a wide range of business courses among which are finance, management, and marketing. Through signing this agreement, Rang Dong wish to be with the officers and teachers of FTU to transfer science knowledge into vivid reality joining with manufacturing reality of the enterprise, and change the compared advantages into competitive capability to aim for participating into the global value chain, stable development in the bdugg period.


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Hochschule Luzern Smart-up Technikumstrasse 21 Horw. In addition, students can use their studies as a start-up toolbox and generate valuable synergies between their studies and their business by writing their project papers or bachelor thesis on the topic of their own start-up and acquiring relevant entrepreneurial skills through specific modules.

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The close relationship between two countries had set the solid foundation for the Universities to develop further the international cooperation that enable students to enjoy the diverse environment and be engaged in the globalization trend. After 1 bruyg, the students will have a master’s degree of International Business, not only has international value but also is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training MOETVietnam.


Morbi vitae justo scelerisque, volutpat tortor et, tristique mauris. FTU had signed many agreements with domestic and foreign partners.

Ngoc Lien said that students are allowed to work 12 hours per week and 20 hours during the holidays. We can say that tuition fees and the cost of living are the most concerned factors when studying abroad.

The university also works closely with domestic and international partners to make relevant contributions to the advancement of the sciences and society. The agreement between ACCA and the universities help graduated students to equip necessary skills when they work as well as provide an opportunity to experience at work environment. Coming to this learning environment, students will not only have the opportunity to study and exchange in the multinational learning environment, but also get a chance to improve business skills and explore new places in Europe with low cost.

In this context, businesses are often bachelof for graduated students who are “ready to work”. Suspendisse at odio in risus faucibus commodo a ut mauris. The delegation from New Zealand Government includes: The University of Basel has an international reputation of outstanding achievements in research and brjgg.


FTU students will study with the Swiss students and exchange students from various universities in the world.

bachelor thesis fhnw brugg

Saykhong Saynasin had expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the valuable experience of the Foreign Trade University. During gachelor workshop, students had chance to raise the questions regarding to living style and studying environment in New Zealand. On December 09th,the Foreign Trade University gave a warm reception for the visiting of a delegation from the Ministry of Education and Sports Laos with the aim of exchanging experience in the field of testing and quality verification at FTU and institutions of higher education in Vietnam.

At the same time, the university has positioned itself amidst the international competition in the form of five strategic focal areas: Subscribe to this RSS feed. But this was the first signing ceremony between FTU and businesses in the new year fhesis hope this new model fhns bring practical benefits for both sides.

The FHNW Univesity always creates conditions for international students to exchange and study through workshops, group exercises. Faculty of Business Administration.

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In addtion, FHNW has good quality of teaching and more chances of success when applying for companies, bbachelor corporations, so it is no surprise that FHNW is one of the top choices for FTU students to study abroad.

Donec purus velit, blandit nec vulputate ut, hendrerit nec ligula. Students from FTU are recognized as being active and well-qualified.