This package assesses your ability to accurately and quickly calculate business math problems. Admitted – Which School to Choose? Execute the teaching in all practices you do. Click here to sign up. While there is substantial growth in expected compensation among consultants as they become more senior, starting wage rates are well above the national average for college students obviously these data include more than college students though. You should develop a habit of always starting off with clarification questions. We have subscribed you to Daily Prep Questions via email.

Mountain Dew is a famous soft drink brand. The annual maintenance cost for the Tower is , EUR. What is the new Profit percentage? Your client, REA, is a reinsurance company. Rick is currently finding a new job.

Round up your answer to 2 decimal places. Assume that the 50 new shops generate an equal amount of additional revenue. We have subscribed you to Daily Prep Questions via email.

A vending machine has four types of soft drinks: Evergreen is a newly opened low priced taxi service. In order to solve these types of questions: They have created a highly-structured cross-referenced database of case questions and answers.

Orion Chocopie is a famous brand of delicious cookies. If an extra amount of 40 liters of lemon juice is added, what is the new percentage of lemon juice in the mix?


Pdoblem advertising expenses paid in How much would the tour guide earn per day if there were adults and children visiting the pyramids in one day? What do former clients have to say?

bcg online sample problem solving test pst 2008

Nutella is a world-wide oroblem of hazelnut-spread. Brain teaser questions Brain teaser questions resemble solving mind puzzles and are not related to business cases. Interview Debriefs – NEW!

bcg online sample problem solving test pst 2008

His three main tasks are: Not interested in getting valuable practice questions and articles delivered to sopving email? How to Master Mental Math. It takes one day to build 10 m2. Rick is currently finding a new job.

Typical questions styles in PST-like tests

How much did Alex have to pay for his penalty? Tets question 4 of the Quiz has a mistake. How much did Australia earn by exporting wool in ? Thank you for the remark and sorry for the inconvenience.


What was the gas price on that day? Mconsultingprep is the best consulting firm to provide the mock tests and practice papers so that candidate can cruise to the interview. Login with your email.


Second, you charged me a fee to tell me something I already knew, And. The reason is that the best people may prefer the autonomy and impact that they can have in a smaller firm. The company loses an average of 30 rupees for anyone that does not sit in the coach.

Typical Question Types in Written Tests

Calculate the selling price and price after tax of this bottle of beer with the new tax? Good luck with your studies!

bcg online sample problem solving test pst 2008

Make sure to double check your calculations — this might ;st straight forward but during the test you might calculate the wrong percentage or make an arithmetic error. Submit a Free Profile Evaluation Request. Chart reading questions Chart reading is extremely important for both case interview and written tests. The work of management consulting, in contrast, is information collection and analysis. Ace the Personal Fit Interview.