They also tend to acquire values very different from those taught in the home and the school. Even if you rebelled against the values of your time and place, they still would represent the context of your life — in other words, they still would influence your responses. Don’t join the ranks of the coddlers and deprive students of them. Doris Kearns Goodwin, historian and advisor to President Lyndon Johnson, suffered a similar embarrassment when she was discovered to have plagiarized from more than one source in one of her books. Not surprisingly, to challenge another person’s view on an issue is considered bad form.

Because of his confusion, he was unaware he was making the noise. Be prepared to share the most dramatic and inter- esting experiences with the rest of the class. The username and password you entered did not match any accounts in our file. Resisting the force of habit is always possible but never easy. Identify the various positive and negative influences that have shaped you. Everyone who loses something precious, say a diamond ring, will search diligently and even desperately until it is found. And so he does not need to have his feel- ings indulged.

This is not to say that thinking is infallible; in fact, a good part of this book is devoted to exposing errors in thinking and showing you how to avoid them.

Beyond Feelings: A Guide to Critical Thinking

For shipments to locations outside of the U. In time the habit grew so strong that anyone who objected to graphic sex and violence was consid- ered odd.

These examples contain a valuable lesson about the need for care in investigating causes and effects. Similar Items Related Subjects: In Maslow’s view, the lower needs must be fulfilled before the higher ones. If we are to avoid oversimplification, we need to define causation in a way that covers both the scientific realm and the realm of human af- fairs.


Many hosts demand that their guests answer complex questions with simple “yes” or “no” answers. Thinking, however, is less automatic than feeling.

beyond feelings a guide to critical thinking 9th edition vincent ruggiero

Yet Nyles Humphrey and Robert Ruhling of the University of Utah have pre- sented evidence that there really is no second wind and that the sensation experienced by many athletes is merely psychological. A college education isn’t worth what you pay for it. Then assess the strengths and weaknesses of each. Don’t they teach them anything in the grades anymore?

Macmillan,pp. In each of the following cases, someone believes he or she knows some- thing.

As a result, many people de- velop the habit of responding emotionally, impulsively, and gullibly to such appeals. The essence of individuality is vigilance. As we noted vinent, irresponsible thinkers first choose their con- clusions and then seek out evidence to justify their choices.

Beyond feelings : a guide to critical thinking

Yes, and some will think I have done so in avoiding the term inferences and speaking instead of conclusions. Are interested in other people’s ideas and so are Are preoccupied with them- selves and their own opinions and so are unwilling to pay attention to others’ crtical.

Challenges to its pre- cepts are usually met with disapproval. Before long, it becomes indistinguishable from ideas developed through careful thought. Supporters of the govern- ment’s decision reject both arguments, contending that captured terrorists are neither criminals nor soldiers but “unlawful combatants,” adding that any other designation would impose burdens on the United States that would make it difficult to fight terrorism and thereby threaten national security.

Yet at least one study attacks that notion. Today, however, the influence exerted by mass culture the euggiero media, newspapers, magazines, Internet and popular music often is greater. If, as is more likely, you find that one rugglero is more insightful than the others but that they all make some valid points, construct a view of your own that combines insights from all views and explain why that view is the most reasonable of all. Resisting the force of habit is always possible teelings never easy.


Not surprisingly, one of the most important tech- vvincent used in critical thinking is asking probing questions. All I know is that attempted suicides increase after the airing of such shows.

The Influence of Mass Culture In centuries past, family and teachers were the dominant, and sometimes the only, influence on children.

beyond feelings a guide to critical thinking 9th edition vincent ruggiero

This section includes tips on identifying and overcoming your personal intellectual weak- nesses as well as techniques for becoming more observant, clarifying issues, conducting inquiries, evaluating evidence, analyzing other peo- ple’s views, and making sound judgments.

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Once we think we have it, we stop looking. But it is the kind of reaction that cannot be sustained for long without causing an even worse situation — the neglect of thinking. They would say that something about the stranger appealed to you, something the salesman said or did suggested insincerity, something about the professor frightened you.

Ads often portray play as more fulfill- ing than work, self-gratification as more desirable than self-control, and materialism as more meaningful than idealism. Challenges to its pre- cepts are usually met with disapproval.