Thus, “[i]n the usual case,” ibid. Omaha Girls Club, Inc. To me, this analysis sounds distressingly like saying two wrongs make a right. Rawlinson, supra, U. The agency Guidelines further stated that the BFOQ exception did not justify “the refusal to hire an individual because of the preferences of The rule of law in this country is so firmly embedded in our ethical regimen that little can stand up to its force except literalistic insistence upon one’s rights.

Based on two on-board surveys, one conducted in October, , before this suit was filed, and another in August, , when the suit was pending, [8] Southwest contends its attractive flight attendants are the “largest single component” of its success. Diaz’s necessity test focuses on the company’s ability “to perform the primary function or service it offers,” not its ability to compete. Similarly, in jobs where sex or vicarious sexual recreation is the primary service provided, e. To do this, Southwest employs ticket agents whose primary job duties are to ticket passengers and check baggage, and flight attendants, whose primary duties are to assist passengers during boarding and deboarding, to instruct passengers in the location and use of aircraft safety equipment, and to serve passengers cocktails and snacks during the airline’s short commuter flights. It has submitted several affidavits to support its position. Several real examples are given of cases in which a company has alleged a BFOQ exists.

Sex offenders can begin this process by learning to relate to women guards in a socially acceptable manner. Similarly, in University Parking, Inc. Moreover, that performance involved the central purpose of the enterprise. To defeat this motion for summary judgment, the University must show that there is a genuine issue of material fact that sex is a BFOQ for custodial work at Dowling Hall. Appointment is by merit, with a grade assigned each applicant based on experience and education.

To me, the only matter of innate recognition is that the incidence of sexually motivated attacks on guards will be minute compared to the “likelihood that inmates will assault” a guard because he or she is a guard.

The Memorandum referred to the BFOQ as a “limited exception” to the Act’s prohibition against discrimination, conferring upon employers a “limited right to discriminate on the basis of religion, sex, or national origin where the reason for the discrimination is a bona fide occupational qualification. III Unlike the statutory height and weight requirements, Regulation explicitly discriminates against women on the basis of their sex. But whatever the verbal formulation, the federal courts have agreed that it is impermissible under Title VII to refuse to hire an individual woman or man on the basis of stereotyped characterizations of the sexes, [n17] and the District [p] Court in the present case held, in effect, that Regulation is based on just such stereotypical assumptions.


Hernandez v. University of St. Thomas, F. Supp. (D. Minn. ) :: Justia

Contrary to the unyielding South American preference for males encountered by the Defendant company in Fernandez, Southwest exploited, indeed nurtured, the very customer preference for females it now cites to justify discriminating against males.

Southwest, however, has failed to establish by competent proof that revenue loss would result directly from hiring males. Southwest is not a business where vicarious sex entertainment is the primary service provided. This Circuit’s decisions in Weeks v.

A second plaintiff named in the complaint was Brenda Mieth, who, on behalf of herself and others similarly situated, challenged the 5’9″ height and pound weight requirements for the position of Alabama state trooper as violative of the Equal Protection Clause.

Southwest projects an image of feminine spirit, fun and sex appeal. Masonic Home of Delaware, Inc. One court has also suggested, without holding, that the authenticity exception would give rise to a BFOQ for Chinese nationality where necessary to maintain the authentic atmosphere of an ethnic Chinese restaurant, Utility Workers v.

According to Southwest, female sex appeal serves two purposes: The first level of inquiry is designed to test whether sex is so essential to job performance that a member of the opposite sex simply could not do the same job.

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South American distributors and customers, for example, would have been offended by a woman conducting business meetings in her hotel room. Dale Maintenance System, Inc. In a passage analyzing earlier precedents, Johnson Controls explains: Nor is there competent proof that the customer preference for females is so strong that Defendant’s male passengers would cease doing business with Southwest as was the case in Fernandez. The fact that these statistics are national figures of height and weight, as opposed to state-wide or “pool of labor-force” statistics, does not seem to me to require us to hold that the District Court erred as a matter of law in admitting them into evidence.


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To me, this analysis sounds distressingly like saying two wrongs make a right. In other cases, there could be different evidence which could lead a district court to conclude that height and weight are, in fact, an accurate enough predictor of strength to justify, under all the circumstances, such minima.

The Bloom Agency evaluated both the images of the incumbent competitor airlines as well as the characteristics of passengers to be served by a commuter airline. According to Southwest, its female flight attendants have come to “personify” Southwest’s public image.

Southwest’s proposed entry as an intrastate commuter carrier sparked a hostile reaction from the incumbent air carriers serving the Texas market. On board, attendants in hot-pants skirts are now optional serve “love bites” toasted almonds and “love potions” cocktails. Thomas as a Building Service worker.

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Based on two on-board surveys, one conducted in October,before this suit was filed, and another in August,when the suit was pending, [8] Southwest contends its attractive flight attendants are the “largest single component” of its success. Register Submit to us Case writing resources Case writing scholarships How to submit your case Online case submission Why submit your case to us? More to the point, it is my judgment that this is what Congress intended.

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There being no showing of discrimination, I do not reach the question of justification; nor, since she does not meet the threshold requirements for becoming a prison guard, need I deal with the gender-based requirements for contact positions. I agree entirely with the Court’s analysis of Alabama’s height and weight requirements for prison guards, and with its finding that these restrictions discriminate on the basis of sex in violation of Title VII.