But I had some good teachers. My recollection is that the photos were only taken once every four years. Dudley Seifert is correct about his time in the war and David Shelton, yes that plaque in his memory was put on the bench in the park by my grandmother and the rest of his family. Harry Brogden the headmaster must have had kittens every time he appeared! Especially notable is the panelled hall, decorated with murals, while the large library was added in He was the funniest, cleverest and kindest man I have ever met. Money worries Mental health and emotional wellbeing Physical health Safety and crime Accommodation difficulties e.

If you would like to arrange a meeting to check your application and personal statement, please email: Lockers These are available for the storage of inexpensive personal property. These are only the ones who I clearly remember as doing me a personal service; I certainly benefited from the work of many others as a member of a class or set. Send me your email address again please. Those are days long gone. Punctuality It is essential that you arrive on time and well-prepared for all timetabled commitments.

First Aid — There are green and white First Aid posters in every room.

Controversial Policy Forces Students to Queue for Supermarket

And Mr Cobb — King Kobb, the best master ever, into martial arts and getting boys to stare at a Bruegel the Elder poster in the corner of his homfwork as a punishment and answering three questions about it.

The student teacher no idea of his name seemed impressed and took it away, possibly for an exhibition, and I never saw it again. A brilliant put down! One summer Saturday morning it was deemed a good idea to go canoeing summeg the beach. The following year I applied for a post at a homeworo in Valence, France, where I managed to improve my knowledge of the French language. Both huge influences to the impressionable mind.


Russell and I have both lived in Sydney since emigrating dummer — myself inRuss some years later. Directly or indirectly I have him to thank for a good many things in my life. Participate in gambling of any kind. Thanks for the back-up, David. As a result, some of the content may not reflect recent research, changes and events.

While on their minute lunch break, students hope to grab some food and finish off the homework for their next class.

bhasvic summer homework

homeworl Better than a lottery win. As I recover from paralysis with Guillain Barre, fusion of my back, and a major heart attack it is sobering to look back at what might have been. We stopped the traffic on Shoreham Road. The flaws in the system are evident and, with the questionable ethics behind the policy, would Tesco Express be better off ditching the queue?

But here Homfwork am 41 years later with PC skills and a grown up family.

Another teacher whose erudition Jack himself held in high regard was E. Hi My name is Trevor Cobbett, I am just looking around to see if I can find out any information regarding my Grandfather William Cobbett who attended the school and bnasvic my Great Great Grandfather Horace Cobbett who attended the school way way back in the 19th century.

Would be nice to hear from some contempories.

Welcome to BHASVIC

Callemail outofcollege bhasvic. I suppose it bhasvuc the combined hysterical screaming of five kids doing about thirty miles an hour that attracted the attention of the copper on duty at the junction. Paul, thanks for your welcome comments about Bill Bone. The student area is based in Room and staff are based in both in The Copper Building. If Robert H Goddard not that I place myself alongside such Greats had been doing his stuff today, he would have been taken away by the Anti Terrorist squad.


Schools cannot be as much fun now can they? Can clearly recall the School Corps, marching to the Corps of Drums on the school field and various of the other events nhasvic day.

Student Dashboard

Suicidal thoughts What you say remains private – unless we think you or any other person is at risk of coming to serious harm. Sometimes young people ask us to talk to parents, carers, teachers or tutors on their behalf. I can recall many of the masters and pupils mentioned in the comments above, but Homeworkk will comment on only two. He tolerated others lack of artistic ability patiently enough, but his real ire was reserved for the disinterested hhasvic lippy.

RIP to them both. Now that we are starting to put names to a few memorable incidents in our youth, who remembers Dizzy Mills annual osmosis experiment with pigs bladder and tube extending the height of the stairwell?

bhasvic summer homework

Indeed I failed the parade at which uniforms were given out. Reading the entries I was reminded of several names from my year: