Why does she seem so fearful? Once your car is diverted from the interstate highway into the checkpoint area, you are under the control of the Border Patrol, which in practical terms exercises a power that no highway patrol or city patrolman possesses: I definitely would not have had as many amazing opportunities that I have now. Like the pathetic multimillion-dollar antidrug border surveillance balloons that were continually deflated by high winds and made only a couple of meager interceptions before they blew away, the fence along the border is a theatrical prop, a bit of pork for contractors. Many people would be unable to relate to this feeling due to ones upbringing.

Rhetorical analysis would be nothing without contextual and textual analysis, just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is nothing without pean butter and jelly. Contextual and textual analysis go together like peanut butter and jelly. Even in the days of Spanish and Mexican rule, no attempts were made to interfere with the flow of people and goods from south to north and north to south. They opened the doors of our car and pulled the dog’s head into it, but I saw immediately from the expression in her eyes that the dog hated them and that she would not serve them. Based in Tucson since , Leslie Marmon Silko has earned international attention for books like Ceremony, Storyteller, Laguna Woman, and Almanac of the Dead, the last a prophesy of the restoration of the Americas to their original inhabitants.

I can’t forget the expression in the dog’s eyes; it was as if she were embarrassed to be associated with them. I think that anyone who reads this, regardless if they already have an opinion of the subject, will feel disdain toward the border patrol and their denial of rights to US citizens. Border security is made up of several different federal, state and local agencies. The audience is more likely bborder be persuaded when you play against their emotions, For example Silko writes about the dog that the border patrol use and she describes it as mistreated which the audience is lead to believe the animal is being harmed.

A mass migration is already under way; its roots are not simply economic.


The Border Patrol State Essay

Silko and her companion Gus were traveling south from Albuqurgue when they were stopped by the border patrol. She may have written this ten years ago, but Silkp think it remains relevant even now. The football coach was Mexican-American, as were most of the players in his van; the incident eventually caused a federal judge to issue a restraining order against the Border Patrol.

If the wall is built, then the patrol can remain the same because the wall can provide more security on the border. There is another interesting point that shows that she takes patroll one side of the story.

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Retrieved May 22,from https: She describes how people of certain colors, who people who travel with those of certain colors are stopped and thought to be suspicious more than people of other colors. All of my life I have heard about the border, illegal immigrants, and border patrol. From a story of freedom of the past, she moves quickly to the lockdown conditions and harsh treatment of that same area her cousin once rode freely. Unknown February 17, at 3: Wall on the American-Mexican Border words – 3 pages.

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Therefore, the article reads more like a series of anecdotes. As ofthe politicians were seeking improvements by adding more fencing, more military equipment and increasing the labor force to 20, agents Holmes. It is the U.

border patrol state silko essay

When does their jurisdiction start and when does it end? White people who appear to be clergy, those who wear ethnic clothing or jewelry, and women with very long hair or very short hair they could be nuns are also frequently detained; white men with beards or men with borser hair are likely to be detained, too, because Border Patrol agents have profiles of “those sorts” of white people who may help political refugees.

They’ll order you to stop your car and step out; then they’ll ask you ppatrol open the trunk. The Border Patrol also merged with customs, which has a long history with border.

border patrol state silko essay

The Border Patrol manpower can be looked patrl from many ways, such as the extent of the workforce and decrease in corruption. This article doesn’t possess strong arguments to convince the reader that the Border Patrol is violating the rights of Native Americans or anyone else for that matter. I had a small amount of medicinal marijuana in my purse that night, but she refused to expose me.


The Arizona Minutemen words – 4 pages defend their country with their life crosses the road of immigrants with eyes filled with sheer desperation, willing to do anything just to stay alive? Contextual analysis pays attention to what is going on in the world outside of this artifact and how it pertains to the artifact.

Based in Tucson sinceLeslie Marmon Silko has earned international attention for books like Ceremony, Storyteller, Laguna Woman, and Almanac of the Dead, the last a prophesy of the restoration of the Americas to their original inhabitants.

The primary agency is the Boarder Patrol itself. Their mood got uglier; the officers seemed outraged that the dog could not find any contraband, and they dragged her over to us and commanded her vorder sniff our legs and feet. It was nearly midnight on New Mexico State Road 26, a dark, lonely stretch of two-lane highway between Hatch and Deming.

border patrol state silko essay

In this case her example is very confusing. Then one day when she stepped off the train in Albuquerque, two Border Patrolmen accosted her, wanting to know what she was doing, and why she was traveling between Los Angeles and Albuquerque twice a month. Both contextual and textual analysis tell us why the author has made this artifact and and are needed to fully analyze something.

Silko also talks about how the Border Patrol pretty much do whatever they want, once they have you and your car detained. She presented identification and an explanation deemed suitable by the agents and was allowed to go about her business.