Jun 07, Robyn rated it it was ok Shelves: Quotes from Bronx Masquerade. I liked how Tyrone said what he thought about the people’s poems and how he thought only what he thought true. I loved this book. I would give this a one star.

Tyrone does have a few poems in the book and there are characters that have more than one chapter other than Tyrone , but it stays in the same cycle. Also, the plot, or complete lack thereof, left me feeling “blah” about the book. Additionally, her book Barack Obama: I noticed that the theme was very deep and had a lot of meaning. Return to Book Page. What story is related through the narrative?

Through the poetry they share and narratives in which they reveal msquerade most intimate thoughts about themselves and one another, their words and lives show what lies beneath the skin, behind the eyes, beyond the masquerade.

The Epilogue is the thing that break the cycle I’m glad it was not a person named epilogue. A mask that lets them put on a front and be someone they really want to be, but on the inside they are a completely different person. After Tyrone read his poem out loud to his class many other people felt inspired to go show their true selves to everyone through poetry or other artistic avenues.

I was so mad at her after her first chapter and I just thought she was such an idiot, but then she comes to learn that she doesn’t need to find love from someone else, she just needs to love herself and give herself the best life possible. This book was about Mr.


Bronx Masquerade Short Essay – Answer Key

Soon he and seventeen other students are getting in touch with themselves and their classmates through these readings. As part of a Black History Month challenge, I have read this young adult novel about teenagers creating poetry as a a means of dealing with the challenges of everyday life. I think the main purpose of this book is to realize that understanding is the most powerful force of them all.

Porsche and Leslie came from totally different lives but realized they shared the death of their mothers. However, the book itself did not resonate with me. Throughout the book there were some central themes trimes these themes really resonated with my students: All aspire to attend college and move beyond the teenage angst their face on a daily basis. Oct 26, Jerrod Drye rated it it was amazing Shelves: The writing is a mix of the individual teens’ stories where you get to know them and the problems they are facing as well as their poems, which are always somehow btonx to their identity struggles.

Bronx masquerade nikki grimes essay.

bronx masquerade by nikki grimes essay

They reference each other enough masqueraed you can figure out, if you’re really curious, but I think the poems and vignettes are more to illustrate how high school students have so much bubbling below the surface that others – classmates, teachers, family members – don’t see.

Although they were different they all had the same insecurity of feeling the need to hide behind a mask.

: Bronx Masquerade: Nikki Grimes

Grimes gave us a half-assed accumulation of terrible poetry from one-dimensional characters who are easily interchangeable sue to their bland personalities and absence of character development. Believe me, I won’t fit. Competent and reluctant readers alike will recognize and empathize with these teens. Ward’s English class, and Masqusrade Tren, who isn’t in Mr. Ward begins holding Open Mike Fridays, allowing students to read their original poems to the class.


I noticed that the theme was very deep and had a lot of meaning.

bronx masquerade by nikki grimes essay

Eight Week Quiz C. I think the main problem for me is the structure of the book. Quotes from Bronx Masquerade.

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The students in Mr. These students in Mr. The theme had to do with putting on a mask and hiding your true self. If you’re thinking a book that features so many voices and multiple writing styles sounds pretty darn impressive, you’re not aloneā€”it’s won a whole lot of awards, including the Coretta Scott King Author Award, buy 8×10 resume paper is given out every year by the Niki Library Association and is one of the major literary awards honoring books that reflect the African-American experience in America.

The masquerase monologues vary from cringey to pretty good. And care about them Mid-Book Test – Easy. The Reading Warehouse has the lowest prices on school bulk book orders!