We will forward them to Graduate Admissions. Money from this fund is awarded to physicians who return to the State of Idaho to help offset student loans. This is strongly discouraged. Are you confident that they were able to write a positive letter for you? If I was on the alternate list last year, does this mean I will be accepted this year? For your assistance, we have created a Self-Assessment , which is designed to aid you in evaluating whether a career as a medical doctor is right for you and to help you determine if your qualifications, personal characteristics, and goals are a good match for applying to the University of Utah School of Medicine. This is a great opportunity to learn the policies and advocacy efforts of the organization the fee is waived for students.

This is strongly discouraged. For the application cycle, a minimum MCAT score of in all sections is required, but the combined score must be equal or higher than to be considered further. Application fees are nonrefundable. Interview days usually have a variety of Utah and non-residents from other states. The committee also has an interest in your motivation for attending medical school. Letters should be from someone who will address your intellectual curiosity or service or leadership ability. Can I do fourth-year electives in Idaho?

List as many worthwhile experiences as you can. There are 40 Idaho medical students total spread out among the 4 years. The earlier a well-qualified applica nt submits an application, the greater the probability they will have of being offered an interview and, subsequently, an acceptance offer.


When will my letters of recommendation be reviewed?

Applicants are accepted from the alternate list in the order that the Admissions Committee ranked them. Students must obtain permission from both the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and the Office of Idaho Affairs for more information about this process. Bbyu accept students throughout the application cycle.

byu premedical coursework

Find Us On YouTube. If someone has reapplied one or two times, does the Admissions Committee give them credit? Do you accept international students? Am I required to carry health insurance?

byu premedical coursework

Students must apply for WICHE funding directly with his or her home state no later than October 15 th of the year prior to beginning medical school. Applicants must complete their premedical coursework and degree premeeical a regionally accredited college or university in the United States or Canada.

byu premedical coursework

I am still attending school. What if choose to withdraw from your school after I have accepted your offer?

This depends on the specialty as well as the geographic area. Yes, but they must be official transcripts.

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What letters of recommendation are required? What are the criteria for establishing Utah residency for tuition purposes? Do you accept electronic transcripts?

Thank you notes are not necessary, but if you choose to send one to your evaluators, please send them to the Office of Admissions, and we will forward them. Please send your transcripts directly to the School of Medicine Office of Admissions. Participate in activities that are of interest to you or that allow you to experience something new that will challenge what you know.


Evaluate your patient exposure experience. The Assessment Day begins promptly at 7: How can I withdraw my application?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this impact my acceptance? Will I see patients from Montana and Wyoming? Since I have been accepted to medical school, I have decided not to complete this degree. Your acceptance may be rescinded if there is information on your background check that was not listed on your AMCAS application or if the results are considered unsatisfactory by the Admissions Committee.

There is an application process that is competitive. Interviews begin in September and continue until the end of February. All applicants are required to take the MCAT within three years of their application. Changes to your application must be submitted to the Office of Admissions in writing via email as soon as the change is made and approved by the Admissions Committee prior to acceptance. Are there any extra fees associated with Idaho students?

What immunizations do I need before I start medical school?