Carbon dioxide deliming is a well-established technique applied on an industrial scale. Review Carbon dioxide deliming in leather production: Generally, the deliming time has to be extended. High contrast On Off. Toxic hazards of leather industry and technologies to combat threat: Finland reports that carbon dioxide deliming requires low capital investment. Problems arise when CO 2 deliming is applied to ovine skins which have been dewooled using sulphides, since the amount of sulphide used is greater than that for bovine hides.

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carbon dioxide deliming in leather production a literature review

Scientific Data Management Research Staff. If the final pH of deliming is lower than the pH after ammonium deliming, there is a risk of hydrogen sulphide being generated.

Cost savings are possible, especially in the treatment of ammonium and COD in the effluent. If CO 2 is used in the deliming, the final proxuction at the end of the process can be somewhat lower pH 6.

Carbon dioxide deliming in leather production: a literature review

These three stages and the process steps in the pro- general public. Substitution of ammonium compounds by CO2 The use of ammonium compounds in deliming is replaced partially or completely by the injection of carbon dioxide gas.


carbon dioxide deliming in leather production a literature review

Carbon dioxide deliming also improves the degreasing action, which may result in less detergent being used in the process or the use of milder detergents. If the pH falls below 7, black or red hides may appear dirty due to the retention of melanin in the depleted grain layer.

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Finland reports that carbon dioxide deliming requires low capital investment. The use of primary data Achabou, M. Eco-designing Product Service Systems by degrading functions while maintaining user satisfaction. In addition, methane emissions from cattle rearing other lwather or materials.

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Carbon diox- ide deliming in leather production: Literarure, of leather products is recommended. Driving force for implementation The main driving force for the implementation of this technique is a need or wish to reduce the discharge of ammoniacal nitrogen in the effluent.

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Substitution of ammonium compounds by CO2

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An important area needing investigation is then how a fair comparison can be made between renewable natural materials and nonrenewable materials used in both leather-processing technologies. A review on developments in dyeing cotton fabrics with reactive dyes for reducing effluent pollution. Life cycle assessment of Northampton, UK. In suitable drums, CO 2 can be litearture in gaseous form through the gudgeon, or preferably, if the drum is equipped with a recirculation device, the CO 2 can be added there to ensure better mixing.

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