About six in ten small-scale farmers are poor, and many are women. The main channel connecting the various shrimp ponds opens up at an angle of to the longitudinal axis of the mainstream of the river. Towns and communities such as Akuse, Amedeka, Volivo, Adidome are now mostly communities of old men and women who live in deplorable conditions. These concerns were for the areas behind the proposed dam, the on-site dam area, and the area below the dam. What problems does Ghana have?

The first step in the implementation was the use of chemotherapy, administration of drugs for treating infected members of the communities. Photograph author Allison Stillwell from Wikipedia. The worst hit economic activities in the downstream communities are: It was intended as multi-purpose project because in addition to the generation of electric power for industry and for urban and rural household energy needs, it was to provide opportunities for large-scale irrigation, modernisation of agriculture, promotion of factories and industries, and the establishment of tourist facilities. Population below poverty line. Ghana has many problems, the video below summarises the problems of one woman from Northern Ghana.

The construction of the two dams on the Volta River accelerated the proliferation of these snails in the lake area, akksombo the head pond and in the Lower Volta. The songs casd composed by and the program organised by Dr. This was used for reducing damage done by the schistosome parasite in human hosts and to reduce infection of previously non-infested water bodies.

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Chiefs and youth leaders in the fishing communities were entrusted with the responsibility of organising the local people to participate in this project of weed control. Manual weed removal using canoes The combined effects of the reduced flow rate of the main stream and stkdy of aquatic weeds have led to increased numbers of snails,particularly those serving as intermediate hosts of various schistosomiases, the most important being Bulinus truncatus rohfsi for Schistosoma haematobium and Biomphalaria pfeifferi for S.


The drug or medicine used was praziquantel tablets Biltricidewhich effectively reduces the worm and egg load borne by infected people. akowombo


Fascinating facts With a shoreline of 7,km, Lake Volta is big enough to be seen from space. Snails, which crawl over weeds for support and nourishment, are eliminated when the weeds are cleared, thus reducing the density of the snail. Bya smaller dam was built at the town of Kpongdownstream from Akosombo and further upgrades to Akosombo have become necessary for maintaining hydropower output.

The shrimp farming empowered the local people economically by providing them with employment opportunities and sources of income. Widespread migration of the populations, particularly of the young and energetic men and women. Archived from the original on 16 May This, in turn, brought about an increased demand for more electric power. At school Up to 16 years. The socio-economic problems that arose from the creation of artificial lakes behind the Akosombo and the Kpong dams on the Volta River have been disturbing because of their social and political ramifications.

What they needed to supply was labour to dig the ponds. Source Indeed, although there has been an overall decline in poverty in Ghana, poverty still has a firm grip on rural areas, especially in the north.

case study akosombo dam

Barbara Catholic Church have been put up ram their honor. See how your studies lead to a civil engineering career The job you end up with in civil engineering is likely to link back to what you studied at school, college or university.

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These methods did not have any adverse ccase on the environment. When it fully took-off, it was less labour demanding. These intensely affected people were treated when the project was implemented.

case study akosombo dam

This is largely due to the high re-infestation rate weeks after clearing of the aquatic weeds. The loss of income as a result of the collapse of the rural economies brought about very intense poverty studdy the inhabitants of these communities and triggered the following events in the riparian communities spanning both banks of the downstream area.

Population below poverty line. Several reasons have been given for this state of affairs, including inadequate time scheduled for planning and implementation, shortage of administrative capacity, insufficient political will and finance, absence of meaningful local involvement and commitment prior to its development.

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The major health problem that arose as a result of the creation of the dam was the increased prevalence rate or proliferation of schistosomiasis in communities spanning the newly created lake and in the Lower Basin. Towns and communities akozombo as Akuse, Amedeka, Volivo, Adidome are now mostly communities of old men and women who live in deplorable conditions.

The reliance on gravity ensured that no energy was required to supply water to the shrimp ponds, which also connected with the main waterway or water canal through akoeombo water canals, also at a gradient downstream. Home About Contact Articles Search.

These weeds have become a formidable challenge to water navigation and transportation. An invasion of the river’s main course by aquatic life led to a corresponding reduction of navigable space both upstream and downstream. River fishing, Creek fishing and, Clam picking an activity predominantly controlled by women.