It found out that technology software product model was generally not workable in Pakistan minus a few exceptions for a number of reasons, which are elaborated in the study. Once beaten, the company decided to buy out the victor. Qualifications in Software Engineering, Networking and Programming became popular. TMT earned a modest Rs. Pressure on the TMT Incubation Fund to perform was mounting as the TMT team was learning valuable lessons in managing entrepreneurs and investing partners. They associate a product with tangibility, which intellectual products such as software, graphic design, artwork etc naturally lack. Post Amazers develops initial links with a Hollywood animation studio.

Winning the tender was not as easy as it may appear. In addition to intimidating subjects like Computer Science and Computer Engineering, they started offering qualifications in Information Technology IT , which was less daunting and required no prerequisite background in Maths, Physics etc. Raised in a lower middle class background, Shoaib Shaikh had maneuvered his way through various ups and downs of a challenging business environment to become the owner of a company that was often referred to by media as an empire bigger than what was initially imagined, and having involvement in a money laundering scam affecting at least , people in countries, one-third of them from the United States. External partnerships also come under the axiom of esprit de goal: From the portfolio viewpoint, Sohaib faced an unenviable situation. A weak marketing outreach was one of the problems addressed in the note. Adds first company to portfolio, y-Evolve.

The Axact case – Daily Times

Dr Ata has his critics accusing him of trying to achieve too much too soon. We were in a long haul journey. In this way, Azam not only germinated the concept but also brought in the first deal to the table, Y-Evolve, which, at that time was a small web development company. That is How TMT Ventures Wrote History really liked the idea, but cautioned me to know more about how venture capital worksand have a long-term vision.


It wanted more venture capitalists to come forth so that a new segment of investment mode could emerge. Time was of the essence in closing the deal.

TMT team calls as the most challenging year. The country reeled under economic sanctions imposed by the US.

There was a need to focus and the entire stuvy called for a long haul vision if it were to succeed. More so, conceiving a product, developing a prototype, piloting and test marketing, scaling up and commercializing it successfully require immense managerial abilities particularly project management skills and lots of patience.

In a risky acse like venture capital, I believe a strong faith in Allah is a must for continuity of efforts and sanity of mind. It aims to provide capital and other resources to medium sized companies in high- growth sectors of the economy. Ali and Salman then decided on the ownership structure for the entrepreneurs in the funded companies.

case study on axact

This earn-out model gives incentive to the entrepreneurs to work their way up in the shareholding, while the initial cash investment aligns their interest with that of the investor from the beginning.

Perhaps no other sector witnessed a greater exchange of contacts than the fledgling yet vibrant IT sector of Pakistan. People do not pay for software.

For TMT Ventures esprit de goal has two facets and both of which have resulted into useful lessons. Umar Khalid, one of the key TMT team members also announced his intention to leave soon after.

Pakistan’s multi-million-dollar diploma mill

TMT learned this lesson the hard way. Additionally, even those institutions that have some appetite for equity investments are driven by ob in the form of dividends.


RFM Loyalty responded to the call and won it. Qualifications in Software Engineering, Networking and Programming became popular. RFM faced tough competition in the bidding race. He launched large-scale government sponsored training programs on crash basis in Java programming, medical and legal transcription, basic IT literacy and many others.

In its strategic intent and investment philosophy, SEAF is a long-term institutional investor. Anilogix is shut down; Three million rupees are written off.

case study on axact

In cases where the entrepreneur put in hard cash at the same price as the fund, he earned more equity for himself. He was intrigued by the IT boom there and the role venture capital firms were playing in promoting technology. This is true for personal relationships as well as professional ones.

case study on axact

He spent countless hours with me in shaping the story, reflecting, narrating, proofreading, checking, editing, tweaking, explaining, revising, and even teaching. Working in teams does not come naturally to them. The company could now operate as a separate legal entity. There may be, however, rare exceptions to this o. Prior to joining Sonus inDr. As business sentiment picked up, IT spending increased. The whole episode of the Axact case reflected an approach that appeared to be more lenient towards militants axwct are suspected of committing heinous crimes against humanity than those who provide livelihood to people.

So far, TMT had taken just the first few steps, very much like a toddler learning to walk.