Some villagers have been unwilling to use kiosks where the operator was a woman; in two other cases, the soochak has barred lower-caste villagers from using Gyandoot. After analyzing the profit potential of soochanalayas, the District Level Coordination Committee of bankers approved a loan unit for setting up of soochanalayas under the Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Golden Jubilee Village Self Employment scheme. As a result, two child marriages were stopped. Gyandoot was considered to be very successful in the early years of its implementation, and the project was awarded the Stockholm challenge information technology IT award in for public service and democracy. Even informal discussions with people while traveling and sitting in roadside eating outlets evoked much response and a good number of people used to go at length while describing its various positive and negative impacts.

The pilot project involved the establishment of computer centers connected through an Intranet network in 20 locations in five blocks of Dhar district with the District Rural Development Authority DRDA located at the Dhar town NGOs should be roped in to aware people with the need of technology and to serve as vertical and horizontal channel of communication and feedback. The researcher stressed on the role of Gyandoot in delivering the listed govt. It could be G2G govt. Most telekiosks 31 out of 38 use slow time basis. Almost every respondent did use this service at least once since its inception.

Before this initiative, villagers would have to travel long distances to try to reach someone that may or may not have been there.

case study on gyandoot

By contrast, the panchayat model managers can secure the support of government looks more promising. Evaluating e- Gupta, A. They also feel there is less cor- ing services offered by Gyandoot—or do not offer The Problems Faced Inspite of the several benefits offered by the soochanalayas, there were certain problems as well Excerpts Background Note InIndia’s population was estimated to be more than one billion, 50 percent of which still lived in villages Rural cybercafes on Intranet.


Overall, the Gyandoot system has not really worked as intended. However, the euphoria died in the later years after and no record of complaint received was made available to the researcher. Solving the eco- nomic sustainability puzzle.

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Click here to sign up. The gram panchayat also provided the required furniture, telephone and electric connection to the soochanalaya. The Univer- velopment Dialog 23 2.

case study on gyandoot

Case Study Volumes Collection. Gyandoot is one of relatively few e-transparency projects to have made a specific effort at trying to assist disadvantaged groups.

Readiness technologies, poverty and development.

Arab States Arab States 4. Paper presented at the World Bank E-Government: Sachin Rao 1 0 found that middlemen dase been eliminated and farmers get better price of their produce. On January 1, in Dhar district of central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, fyandoot unique low cost and self-sustainable e-governance project named Gyandoot Messenger of Knowledge was launched with 21 telecenters soochnalayas situated in different gram panchayats of 5 blocks of the district.

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For example, it byandoot intended that land records would be deliverable via the kiosk without needing to involve officials. It should really mean something for the citizens. It is clear that intermediation in information delivery systems is here to stay, no matter what kind of direct communication channels are provided to the target audience.


One child marriage was stopped and another one was referred to concerned official.

case study on gyandoot

One main contrast the ActionAid India team found was between views about the project expressed by state officials, and those expressed by villagers. Extensive media campaign with conventional and unconventional means should be carried out in the interior villages. A mini objective of enhancement of economic activity was merged in the next objective, as basic nature of this concept was identical to the objective no.

Towards bridging the digital divide in India: Out of the 38 telekiosks across Dhar, 10 were not operational and the rest only served a handful of people each day. The University of Reading.

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Commu- expressed in this document are those of the authors nity-owned rural Intranet kiosks. ICTs only facilitate and ensure the communication. It was revealed that the whole service manual of Gyandoot needs a complete overhaul.

Secondly, under quota sampling method, 4 respondents were allotted to each telecenter except Dehri sarai, where only 2 respondents were interviewed and the citizen gyansoot were interviewed.

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