And the advertisement made this event bigger by continuously broadcasting the ads for 24 hours on national television. Travelers would bring doves and pigeons along with them, attach messages to them and release them to fly back home. A concise inference is derived out of it and it is represented in the form of charts to make the data simple. This chapter of advertising in the History of Indian ad-making was certainly a milestone and would be remembered every time anybody thinks or talks about Vodafone. The first mobile phone had a maximum talk time of 30 minutes, and it took a year for the battery to recharge. Vodafone differentiates itself from other telecom operators through its value added services VAS and it wanted to educate the customers about it.

The prettiest Indian politicians who can make… September 28, Cricket is considered to be a religion in India, and Zoozooz captured attention of nearly two billion people during the IPL. More than half of the respondents also say that all the mentioned features of the product are accentuated in the advertisement of the product. Electromagnetic energy, in fact, is able to transport information in an extremely fast way ideally to the speed of light , in a way that previously had no equals in terms of costs reliability. This was a significant chapter in the history of telecom, as the evolution of Vodafone, considered to be a very dynamic and at the time ever- growing brand. Although the experts claim that the ads did not achieve the target of increasing the VAS usage.

Best tourist attractions of Malaysia offer several… July vodwfone, Yes NO Neutral 9. Few others say that it makes a visual impact as the advertisements are very successful in making a visual impact.


It focuses on the ‘Zoozoos’ advertising campaign that highlighted the different value added services VAS offered by the company.

Certainly Airtel is the leader in Indian telecom industry. This is definitely a new trend and also a new wave. Mobile telephone Industry in the country which is in an ongoing process of transforming into next generation network, employs an extensive system of modern network.

Vodafone Essar’s Advertising Strategy – The ‘Zoozoos’ Campaign

Yes NO Neutral ZooZoo, the new brand ambassador of Vodafone, has created a furore in the advertising industry. This is an amazing combination of imagination and creativity with the intensity of various kinds of emotion. These zoo zoo ads are also available for download on the Vodofone india site. No celebrity endorsement, No associated risks and costs were there.

Upper Saddle River, N.

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For the passion and spirit. Hutch was as it is very famous among people of India, now it was wisely transitioned to Vodafone. Near about 53 percent of the people say that, advertisements certainly provide with all the benefits both to the user and seller.

Is it merely because the Zoozooz are cute or is it because of the humour that is the base theme of the advertisements. Results hold even among consumers with a negative general attitude towards advertising. Business failures that will be remembered forever July 4, The mayhem that the Turkey coup has… August 21, Zoozoo fan clubs are there on social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Orkut, Twitter, and many more, where they have a huge followings.

It has never experienced any kind of Hiccups starting from toand is certainly commendable.

Hutch’s Pug to Vodafone’s ZooZoo – A story of successful brand transition.

Errors related to sampling might be always there. Low advertising cost leading to provision of cheaper services.


case study on vodafone zoozoo

Most advertisements try to talk about a lot of things at once and are usually in a hurry to communicate. That is, customers cannot zozoo purchase a product they see advertised.

Hutch’s Pug to Vodafone’s ZooZoo – A story of successful brand transition. | Ramblogs

Hutch was able to vorafone a close connection with the people through this Hutch- Pug dog campaign and will this relationship sustain after its acquisition by Vodafone? Many other innovations were soon to come: The expressions were executed in the form of Emoticons.

The real test of effectiveness of Vodafone lies in its objective achievement. They showed emotions in just a way the normal Humans do. Significance of the Industry b. Here is why… July 11, The commercials have hit the Indian market like storm and will now probably go into history as one of the brilliant advertising idea for the industry.

case study on vodafone zoozoo

Never in the history of Indian xase we witnessed a campaign that generated so much interest and curiosity among all the segments of the society be it young or old. The views would be limited and the responses might be biased to a demographic variable.

The case ends with a discussion on whether the popularity of Zoozoos would overshadow the Vodafone brand itself or not.