The average age of the EasyJet fleet, at May , is 3. The four perspectives of operations strategy best describes the operations strategy process at Askeys are: Giordano use cost plus, the type of pricing that usually company is using. Every sales and the barcode information will be identified and transmitted directly to the company main computer and sales distribution department Giordano maintained a flat organizational structure and this facilitated easy communication between people within the organization, helped to make speedy decision and to manage the project efficiently

This in itself is good service. Smart in sales opportunity and minimizing store size for the efficiencies EasyJet financial performance Year ended 30 September 30 September 30 September 30 September 30 September 30 September 30 September 30 September 30 September 30 September 30 September Passengers flown 48,, Load factor The heart of the Giordano system is that it is totally customer responsive. They emphasize that efforts to further enhance quality should continue whilst commencing efforts to build dependability.

Askeys,Giordano and Mercedes Benz Case Study Solution –

Its core competencyHigh quality products were used to provide a base for competitive advantage. Our cones are of exceptional quality, ideal for ice cream parlours, ice cream vans, the leisure industry and outside caterers.

case study operations strategy development at askeys

Fast moving items to avoid old items piled at the warehouse or best seller items 13 P a g e unavailable You will receive a link to create a new password.

Integration of employees into a winning team Mercedes Benz is the devrlopment of featuring its vehicles with the Safety airbags, anti-lock brakes and the traction control system, in the world. Giordano International was founded in Hong Kong in and is now one of the worlds leading international retailers of apparel and accessories for men, women and children.

Case study operations strategy development at askeys

This is the result of integration of the corporate philosophy and leadership, service orientation of supporting functions like human resource policies e. The employee have stategy of their roles in customer satisfaction and economic system This uses the air entering the throttle body to adjust the air fuel caes accordingly, eliminating the need for complex computers.


One of the greatest features of the Mercedes Benz is that it not 6 Page only invented these safety devices for the first time in the world but they also granted its license to the other vehicle ag all over the world developjent the point of view of overall safety of the passengers.

Published on January Categories: As a reason they always they have an edge over other renowned vehicle manufacturers of the world ever since they have started manufacturing vehicles.

Aggressive advertising and promotions also played a significant role in the 17 P a g e successful re-marketing of its core brand and re-launch or introduction of sister brands, Giordano Ladies, Giordano Junior and Bluestar Exchange.

So they convert their business product and company type different. Competitors and new entrants will successfully compete for good locations 6.

case study operations strategy development at askeys

Giordano is constantly aiming to improve the value of the product. Giordano maintains a flat organizational structure which makes it easy to make communication with employees within the company thus this leads to quick decision making. A competitor of Giordano is Esprit. Needs to continue in strengthening its brand image through heavy advertising and excellent customer service 5.

Eliminating free catering on-board reduces cost and unnecessary bureaucracy. But the label does not matter, so the business has become value driven, because when people recognize value, that is the only game in town.

Askeys,Giordano and Mercedes Benz Case Study Solution

Giordano make exceptional service possible. In the long term, sustainability depends on the management of Giordano in being able to 16 P a g e make Giordano a customer- logistics- and technology-driven learning organization.


With continuous investment in human resources and organizational commitment to service orientation; constant improvement in design and in the efficiency developmsnt operations; and efforts in increasing marketing muscle by promoting its brand; most of the key success factors, except site selection, are somewhat sustainable in the medium to long term.

Training is merely a skeleton of a lperations service program. He started working on demerger of the two companies which was completed in E-mail Back to log-in.

Currently this company produces a wide range of advanced luxury cars, trucks and buses in its manufacturing facilities, developmenr all over the world besides Germany. The company should carefully select the site to position their stores which will be convenient for the customers. Giordano offers value for money clothing with a good quality They claim that operational capabilities developed in this way are more likely to endure than individual capabilities developed at the expense of others 4 Where would you devlopment Mercedes Benz on the Hayes and Wheelwright fourstage model?

When the time is not favorable they manage the strategh product to survive 4. What advice would you give to Giordano regarding its operations strategy in the future? Globalization presents accessibility to cheaper or better resources, and higher volumes, leading to economies of scale and the learning curve effect. This was intended to be used for the production of powdered soups and desserts.