Prakash agreed to it viewing that he will be considered for General Managers position based on his performance. The Corporation has created a new post below the cadre of General Manager i. Furthermore, if we start considering all these variations in circumstances, we will find ourselves loaded down with everybody thinking he is an exception. With a grim face and utter frustration, Chatterjee reported the matter to Mukherjee. There was a breakdown of communication and innumerable complaints about the rude behaviour of Pravesh started pouring in, Pravesh , on the other hand, had been in this department for the last so many years and was In the habit of treating his subordinates in the traditional style. The Chief of and under him Mukherjee Maintenance Engineer. Anand were competing with each other in convincing their subordinates about their performance and used all sorts of techniques for pleasing them like promising them a wage hike, transfers to the job of their Interest, promotion etc.

The decisions must be evaluated in terms of their long term consequences to the organisation. An honest and hardworking man need not necessarily prove to be an elfective supervisor. Something more is required for this as he has to get things done rather than dohimself. But a supervisor must have the ability and presence of mind to deal with such men. Chatterjee had no idea that the situation would take such a turn. Shukla called Chief of Personnel for advice on this delicate issue. He was a man of proven technical ability with utmost drive and dash.

In the paired comparison technique of performance appraisal, which of the following formulae is applied?


Sastry wanted to switch over to Computer Division in view of the prospects, prestige and recognition of the position among the top management of the Corporation. Unknown November 15, at He recognized that these men were good workers and had good records prior to this incident.

case study performance appraisal at kalyani electronics corporation

Do you suggest any techniques to avert politics creeping into the process of performance appraisal by subordinates? Which step of the following should not be involved in the review of performance appraisal? Which of the following is not one of the limitations and constraints of performance electronjcs Which, according to N.

Assignment — B Question 1. Discuss, in brief, the role of coaching and counseling in improving performance of employees.

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It employed personnel at the lower level and middle level. But, he wanted to show his performance casw to the management at the next appraisal meeting. In the end, surprisingly, the workers assigned the following overall scores – Prakash: He gave them a free hand in setting time-bound goals for themselves.

Which of the following is not a method of potential evaluation? It has received several applications for the post of Commercial Manager-Computer Division.

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Which of the following is not the purpose of self-appraisal? With a grim face and utter frustration, Chatterjee reported the matter to Mukherjee. He also reminded them that it was the policy of the company to enforce the rules without exception. Questions a Identify the core issues in the case b Place yourself in the position of the Personnel Director. The Chief of Personnel said, “l think the incident should help us to appreciate the essential qualification required for a successful supervisor.


Which of the following is not one of the distortions involved in performance evaluation?

Which of the following statements is correct? They could have considered other options possible also: Also discuss, in brief, the methods of Potential evaluation.

By laying down its clear-cut policies and procedures and corporate plans. Prakash is a stranger to the system as well as its Modus Operandi. Not only had it been impossible to replace these men to date, but disgruntlement over the incident had led to significant decline in the cooperation of the other workers. He viewed this assignment as a chance to prove his: Mukherjee was perturbed at this turn of events.

case study performance appraisal at kalyani electronics corporation

Chatterjee continued working in the organisation with all his efficiency, competence, and ability for two months. A good organisation is one, where people are trained to work in team and a culture for shared responsibility is developed. He should handle people tactfully.

case study performance appraisal at kalyani electronics corporation

He had been offered a ride by a friend who had already punched out and who could not wait for him to go through the punch-out procedure. Write short notes on any three of the following: