Gradual onset of jaundice with pruritus, weight loss, and clay-colored stools suggests intrahepatic or extrahepatic cholestasis. History Physical examination Red flags Interpretation of findings Testing. Videos Figures Images Quizzes. Hepatic dysfunction can result in coagulopathy, encephalopathy, and portal hypertension which can lead to GI bleeding. Outcome is determined primarily by the cause of jaundice and the presence and severity of hepatic dysfunction. Head and neck examination includes inspection of the sclerae and tongue for icterus and the eyes for Kayser-Fleischer rings best seen with slit lamp.

Hemochromatosis, primary biliary cholangitis. Drinking water has fecal bacteria: Massive upper GI bleeding suggests variceal bleeding due to portal hypertension and possibly coagulopathy. Wastewater Reuse and Recycling. The elected member ward parshad from Mowa area, Anwar Hussain says that the old, faulty pipeline network is the primary reason for the rise in the epidemic in the city. An year-old woman presented with a 2-day history of jaundice, fever and abdominal pain.

Unconjugated bilirubin binds to albumin in the blood for transport to the liver, where it is taken up by hepatocytes and conjugated stud glucuronic acid to make it water soluble. As per senior RMC rapiur who do not want to be named, the domestic sewage network of Raipur is linked to the Kharun river through eight big canals and almost all the sewage flows directly into the river without any treatment being done.

The stand posts and hand pumps in most of the areas are located very close to the open drains, causing contamination of drinking water, says a study conducted by non-profit organisation Ecosan Services Foundation ESF in April. The most affected area in Raipur is Mowa.


An annual statistics presented. History of present illness should include onset and duration of jaundice. Blood transfusion before Injection drug use Hemodialysis Exposure during health care work or sexual activity Date of birth between and Hepatitis autoimmune or viral. According to the study, only 11 percent of the urban poor in Raipur is connected to the city sewer network while the remaining 89 percent resorts to open drains or open areas for wastewater disposal. Injection drug use Hemodialysis Sharing of razor blades or toothbrushes Tattooing Body piercing Absence of vaccination in health care workers High-risk sexual activity Birth in areas of high endemicity.

Policies, Laws and Regulations.

case study raipur jaundice

Some Risk Factors for Hepatitisamount and duration of alcohol use, injection drug use, and sexual history. The family of Somesh Manikpuri of Amasivani colony in Raipur is still in shock of his sudden demise from jaundice in May this year.

Published online Jan Outcome is determined primarily by the cause of jaundice and the presence and severity of hepatic dysfunction. The rectum is examined for gross or occult blood. Itching, if bothersome, may be relieved with cholestyramine 2 to 8 g po bid.

Four percent of the temporary houses, 24 percent of the semi-permanent houses and 72 percent of the permanent houses had drinking water facilities.

Jaundice grips Raipur

GE Port J Gastroenterol. Before supplying drinking water to the residents, the RMC officials say that though the water is treated, bacterial and viral contamination cannot be ruled out completely. Severity of illness is indicated mainly by the degree if any of hepatic dysfunction.

case study raipur jaundice

Social history should include questions about risk factors for hepatitis see Table: An year-old woman presented with a 2-day history of jaundice, fever and abdominal pain. Imaging is done if studg suggests extrahepatic obstruction or cholangitis or if blood test results suggest cholestasis. Jaundice By Steven K. Biopsy can also help when liver enzyme abnormalities are unexplained by other tests.


Drought advisory issued to western and southern states. The Mirizzi syndrome is part of the differential diagnosis of obstructive jaundice and therefore the diagnostic approach usually begins with ultrasonography complemented by ERCP or magnetic resonance cholangiography. Mechanisms of hyperbilirubinemia Consequences. Received Sep 13; Accepted Sep Ethical disclosures Protection of human and animal subjects The authors declare that no experiments were performed on humans or animals for this study.

Jaundice grips Raipur

Around 37 per cent population in Udaypur district has been suffering from different diseases every year due to consumption of water of open well.

Faipur estradiolCrigler-Najjar syndrome, hyperthyroidism. The skin is examined for jaundice, palmar erythema, needle tracks, vascular spiders, excoriations, xanthomas consistent with primary biliary cholangitispaucity of axillary and pubic hair, hyperpigmentation, ecchymoses, petechiae, and purpura.

Alcoholic liver disease, drugs, toxins, viral hepatitis Less common: Confidentiality of data The authors declare that they have followed the protocols of their work center on the publication of patient data. If the district administration and the government had taken adequate measures to cas the lakes and the Kharun river, the residents of Raipur could have led a healthier life.