Through our professional development courses and our support materials for Cambridge IGCSEs, we provide the tools to enable teachers to prepare learners to the best of their ability and work with us in the pursuit of excellence in education. If the candidate has intentionally altered their performance from the sheet music, this must be clearly indicated — the teacher should take account of any alteration, which makes a piece easier to play, in the marking. Information on access arrangements is found in the Cambridge Handbook which can be downloaded from the website www. The second digit is the location code, speciic to an administrative zone. Exam day — 9c This form is to be used by the Head of Centre to report instances of suspected candidate malpractice.

Preparation — Form 7 To inform us of arrangements for supervising candidates outside of the centre. Use of the hi-hat pedal in addition to other instruments. Reporting an Unauthorised Entry: Coursework address labels – Teacher Assessment – Label 2. The following lists give guidance, for selected instruments, about the dificulty of music that should attract certain levels of marks under this heading, provided that candidates are able to perform it successfully. You need to send us internally assessed marks for all candidates entered for coursework and speaking test components.

Is there a sense of direction and purpose in the improvisation, or does it repeat itself too much, producing an effect of aimless meandering? Effective in overall structure, with good attention to aspects of contrast and continuity, 7—8 although showing some imbalance between sections.

cie submitting coursework

If you cannot use the same examiner for all of your internally assessed speaking tests, read our guidance. Supplementary Answer Booklet – Exam Day – Form 13 To be used to supplement any continuation answer booklets we provide. The database will ask you for the syllabus code subbmitting.


Guitar 1 Simple chords, slow-moving and strummed.

By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies Accept. Before the Exams — Form 2 To report any missing question paper packets. Use voursework the hi-hat pedal in addition to other instruments.

(PDF) Cambridge Secondary 2 SYLLABUS Cambridge IGCSE ® Music | Jibuin Nkanjoh –

It gives schools the opportunity to beneit from offering a broad and balanced curriculum by recognising the achievements of learners who pass examinations in a number of different subjects. In the examination, candidates will be tested on a range of knowledge and understanding of their chosen work. The importance of experiencing the sound cir the music at irst hand cannot be stressed too much.

More details can be found in Section 2 of this syllabus and at www. You can down additional labels here. Access arrangements will not be agreed if they give candidates an unfair advantage over others or if they compromise the standards being assessed.

I, IV, and V 7 ; submiting chords: Return of Art and Design Work: In cases where the score is not submitted in standard staff notation, the recording must be accompanied by a detailed commentary explaining the system of notation used.

Administrative forms and guidance documents

Preparation — Form 7 To inform us of arrangements for supervising candidates outside of the centre. Go to our other sites. Reasonable attention to structure, although perhaps over-reliant on repetition and limited in its 4—6 sense of the overall concept.

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What to say to candidates in an exam Use this document to make sure each candidate has the same courework in their exam and receives the same information.


We send these to you in hard-copy in the pre-exam despatch. Examples of such components include: Very simple keys, few accidentals, no modulation.

Phase 3 – Teacher assessment

Our aim is to balance knowledge, understanding and skills in our programmes and qualiications to enable students to become courseworj learners and to provide a solid foundation for their continuing educational journey.

Syllabus for examination inand Please note that material for Performing and for Composing must be submitted in separate packages. Other information Equality and inclusion Cambridge International Examinations has taken great care in the preparation of this syllabus and assessment materials to avoid bias of any kind.

You can download additional labels here. Glockenspiel, 1 Single notes, with no wide leaps.

cie submitting coursework

No sense of a consistent tempo OR no sense of co-ordination with the backing track OR no 0 sense of ensemble. Reference to graded examinations should be taken to mean music of the typical level at the given grade in the syllabuses of the standard graded examining boards e. Entries — Form 4 To accept a candidate who is transferring from another Submitting International registered centre. Credit should be given for clear evidence that important features of structure have been understood in terms of sectional contrasts, links between sections and the conception of a broad overview of each composition.