Gender, sexual orientation, economic class, educational background, body size and physical ability … these are some of the other factors that affect our relative privilege or marginalization in society. Support team members should expect to work between hours daily, with occasional longer work days as circumstances snowstorms require, keep a routine of morning and evening group meditation, and be mature enough in their Dhamma practice to be able to keep Noble Silence during, and use well, long periods of quiet and unstructured time. We will start out morning with gentle yoga, then practice mindfulness meditation through sitting, walking, and eating. Stay tuned for details. The space in which we are witnessing and processing together is a sacred container.

During this half-day retreat, we will reflect on the life-changing insight offered by the Buddha on how to overcome the vicissitudes of life. Dharma contemplations of the Hindrances, internal and external, through work in dyads and small groups, will deepen our embodied awareness. On Saturday, October 13, Rev. As some of you may have heard already, influential Zen teacher Roshi Bernie Glassman died yesterday morning at age We will start with a 30 minute silent meditation without instruction.

Cambridge Insight Meditation Center Eile kell Sati, or the quality of mindfulness, can restore connection to our own direct, present tense experience. Looking forward to come back. I am very pleased to announce that as of this week we will return to our regular space in the McFarlin Chapel.

White Awake – 7 Hour Daylong Workshop (2017)

See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. More on the new book cambriidge including links to guided meditations — are available at https: He ordained as a monk in and practiced in monasteries in Thailand and England before moving back to the US in to serve homwwork abbot of Temple Forest Monastery.


For more information, check out the website https: Over the course of the weekend there will be instruction and practice with each one. We will begin by working with the breath in a limited area, then expand to include the breath in the body, breathing with the body, and breathing with open awareness.

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Instruction will be offered on working with body awareness, both in sitting meditation and in walking practice. Cambridge Fire Places 0 votes; 0.

Each month for six months, Matthew will lead meditations based on one or two of the seven meditations. This event will take place at the Arlington Center. Can we bring the qualities of mindfulness and openness developed in sitting meditation practice onto the yoga mat thereby creating continuity between our practice on the mat and our practice on the cushion? We are members of a collective; even if recently immigrated or moved here from elsewhere; the collective has certain social meanings, privileges, expectations; we are read a certain way by others; and we share the burden of responsibility for correcting course, even as we are not personally responsible ….

Over the course of five weeks, participants will explore mindfulness Bring a poem, whether by you or a favorite poet, to read and discuss with the group. He exhorted us to not cling to anything, including the image we have of ourselves when we are free.

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This short essay is accompanied by a minute audio guided meditation, which I highly recommend:. In this retreat we will work with a special body-breath-open awareness approach to practice that supports a quality of present moment awareness that is simultaneously spacious and grounded, wakeful, and restful.


Narrator Roland Kitchen deserves full credit for his work cimx this effort. We look at how to live skillfully, understand and purify habitual patterns of behavior, and build a stable foundation of ethical action upon which progress in developing the mind and deepening wisdom can be supported and sustained.

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The videos 17 min. Part one 30 min. Login New Account Forgot. There will also be plenty of time for questions and comments.

Through strengthening our capacity to stay present and to be more skillful in difficult situations, the pain and misunderstandings that come out of unwise and habitual speech can begin to ease. Together these mutually supportive practices foster self-awareness and insight into the conditions that honework greater well-being and personal freedom.

cimc cambridge homework

This non-residential retreat will run from ccimc See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. They are more than intellectual truths; they are the foundation of our practice.

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You are welcome to come only for the afternoon talk. Give your heart a much-needed opportunity to connect to the truest experience of love in your daily life. When we give the ego free reign, we suffer; but when it learns to let go, we are free.