Jika sudah S1, maka jurusan yang dipilih harus berbeda dengan pendidikan terakhir tapi pengalaman profesional, kegiatan sosial dan non formal lainnya sangat berhubungan dengan jurusan yang diambil. Please describe your related experience within this field of study. Making new friends easy for me. Mau tanya mas ilham untuk dokumennya apakah dokumen berbahas indonesianya dikirimkan juga atau hanya yang sudah ditranslate saja? To support this interest, I would like to describe my experiences. In order not to become an unemployed, I helped my eldest brother in his food stall every day and at the same time I also studied English in an English course for almost nine months.

In the middle of , I prepared myself to take the SPMB test because I really wanted to continue my study to a higher level. Unfortunately, I did not pass the test. Indonesia is still a way behind if we compare to other Asian countries. It consists of people who come from different origins and religions. The next to-do lists are that I have to attend the class at 2 pm and the volunteering program in the evening. Within your proposed field of study, what do you want to study?

Perhaps I will be distracted by things that are not important such as notification on social media or email, so I plan to overcome this obstacle by reminding myself to do one thing at a time.

Please describe your related experience within this field of study. The conflict situation of the Industrial scholarship grantees was mostly disagreement in the discussion forum.

contoh essay ccip aminef

Within your proposed Field of Study, please describe your specific area of interest and your related experience: Because they just got a world class experience and service from me and I just helped someone to resolve their problems. As a leader, I had to take the role as a mediator of discussion to accommodate all members’ recommendations. Untuk jawaban minimal 1 paragraf per kategori.

contoh essay ccip aminef

In this case, I want to study at night, but my roommate wants to practice his guitar at night. Please describe your long-term goals that you want to accomplish essxy the first few months upon returning home after the CCIP. Salam kenal juga ya. I have started to fall in love with marketing since in the college, and I had rewarding experiences in this discipline on my previous education at Polytechnic of APP Jakarta.


Asumsi dan Realitas Peran Pustakawan dalam Menerapkan Pelayanan yang Humanis

Waktu saya yang tersisa memang tinggal 2 minggu setelah proses panjang dengan drama persiapan kelengkapan dokumen dan TOEFL. The people, the cultures, foods and everything. Short-term and Long-Term 3: If we all stand together, we definitely can make a better decision to give the best cultural performance in that event.

Besides, I can still keep in touch with all the people I love in my home country through regular email and the Internet. Indonesia lack of local players that act and think globally.

Pada essay ini, kita harus menjelaskan seraca rinci rencana jangka pendek kita, artinya kita harus memiliki gambaran jelas mengenai apa yang akan dilakukan, target prestasi pendidikan yang ingin didapatkan, serta budaya apa yang mau kita pelajari dan bagikan selama kita di Amerika serikat.

Dear Readers, Dalam berburu beasiswa, kemampuan menulis yang baik akan menjadi nilai tambah bagi kita untuk memenangkan hati para reviewer beasiswa. And I would love to explore and learn their tradition, custom and how the people respect to others rights, privacies and how they react to others who have different point of view.

Please describe a problem or challenging situation in your educational, professional, or cci life and describe how you resolved it and what you learned from this situation. Participate in this program will help me to shape my future professional and personal goals. After we organized this workshop on our campus, the division members actively update well-written news in facebook groups and website.

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Mengupas Tuntas Essay Beasiswa Part 2: Penjelasan dan Contoh Essay CCIP – Defir Shah

With spending a lot of time together, I hope it will give more opportunities to value our friendship and to make more best moments during community college initiative program. Within your proposed Field of Study, please describe your specific area of interest and your related experience: In this appointment, I will encourage all members to actively give contributions which produce more ideas and creative approaches to succeeding this project because teamwork has the incredibly vital role for being contho high-performing group to planning, working and completing the task successfully.

contoh essay ccip aminef

Sistem kebut semalam tidak akan membantu sama sekali. Selain itu harus dalam bahasa Inggris juga harus mampu meyakinkan panelists untuk mau memberikan Anda kesempatan untuk wawancara.

Besides, I have been teaching English at ccip educational institutions in both settings of one-on-one tutoring and classroom so I can share my knowledge and also improve my public speaking skill. However, I want to achieve a win-win solution for our situation.

How did you demonstrate flexibility during this challenging time? Untuk pertanyaan 2Di essay ini kita harus menjelaskan pengalaman yang berhubungan dengan jurusan yang kita ambil. Saya juga bukan orang yang ahli dalam menulis, apalagi menulis essay. I do not see this as my job but as one of my passsion. I took initiative involving in varieties of communication activities since I was still in high school.

Menuangkan setiap ide yang muncul. Bank Mandiri to develop my small business.