Articles are published in English and Malay language Bahasa Melayu. It is intended for teachers, educators, scholars, policy makers and stake-holders to make the outcomes of action research projects in education and across the professions widely available. Each submission is subjected to a double blinded review process. Arial font, saiz 11 Analisis deskriptif menjelaskan tahap pemikiran kritis pelajar, manakala statistik inferensi pula melibatkan ujian-t dan ujian korelasi Pearson yang menerangkan perbezaan serta hubungan antara pemboleh ubah kajian. Data collection method in which it could be one single method, mix-method or even multiple methods. The table’s title is to be written on top of the table and written using Times New Roman, size 12 without a full stop at the end and written on the left as well. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research questions are usually created based on the objective of the study and must be related to the problem statement mentioned. March, 4 Monday Time: This journal publishes articles and reviews of books, recordings, exhibitions, and performances from different points of view with approaches from various disciplines. Items that were to be dropped, added or to be modified if any. Chapter numbering must always use digits, such as Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and so on.

English Language abstract Information from interviews and etc. An appreciation is written by using single spacing.


contoh research proposal upsi

Implikasi kajian menunjukkan penggunaan modul pembelajaran berasaskan masalah PBM dapat meningkatkan keberkesanan pengajaran dan pembelajaran Biologi. We also invite for call for Special Issue publication who those are interested to publish in this journal. Bradley, Five author Walker et al.

The titles and sub-headings should be numbered. The double-blind process means that the identity of the author and the reviewer are not known to each other.

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Some common examples are shown below: It aims to become the leading multi-disciplinary, open usi, online academic journal in the field of current matters. Instead, the candidate must demonstrate the synthesis of the results in the form of a summary of the researches that has been previously known and unknown, identifying controversies involving the field of study, and thus form the research questions that need further researching.

Double spacing Source citations, year for the entire passage. The example below can be modified to suit the research areas being studied, such as Information Systems, Engineering, Science, Sports, and Science and etc. Data collection could be current or long-term based. The order of writing are as follows: This journal is published twice a year in May and Novermber, beginning References unless requires double spacing between one entry with the others ; iv.

Summarizing research or articles in accordance with the relevance of researcg in the literature. Candidates should focus on research questions mentioned in the introduction.



Our journal publishes articles in Bahasa Melayu and English annually. Articles are published in Malay and English.

contoh research proposal upsi

Each subsection must be aligned and arranged neatly but should not exceed four levels three decimal places just like the following example: Significance and implications of the research conducted on the field of study must be stated. Writing labs and the Hollywood connection.

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The table’s title is to be written on top of the table and written using Times New Roman, size 12 without a full stop at the end and written on the left as well. However, next guideline may be followed: Log In Sign Up. Error doming voluptua eam upi. Remember me on this computer.

Appreciation page Compulsory Abstract However, no spacing required between the last letter of the previous paragraph in the same paragraph with commas or periods. Numbers 1 to 9 must be written in words. A comparison of modelling strategies. Writing of references uses APA style format, 6th edition.