The automation project here would make a fantastic portfolio project for a junior-intermediate programmer. Giving in to the temptation to lie when applying for a job is risky though. Even if you’re well-qualified, a cover letter is a really nice gesture. I customize my cover letter and resume for every job I apply to. You don’t realize it yet, but finding good programmers is hard. Related Questions More Answers Below What are some examples of a good cover letter for a software engineering job?

Everyone said it was a difficult codebase to read let alone contribute to. There are many solutions devised to help you hire freelancers, but there’s likely only a handful that are suited for your specific needs. A lot of people find the “grovel and tell me how much you love me” environment to not be so great. I kept reading about how difficult it was to get a job as a self-taught developer, so I thought I needed to do something unique. That seems very high, but like I said, the job is already yours if you get to the interview. I wanted to force myself to get comfortable with the command line which I think worked to some degree, but I still have a long ways to go. To the asker of the question I would suggest looking not at the titles as Joe Emison suggested , but rather at the the companies associated with the names of the people who are answering the question.

To name a few:. Do you also tell your recruiters to look at people individually and customize their introduction emails to the person in question? I improved the mobile UX on jobSort. The cover letter in the example isn’t really a cover letter, though. That code was ugly, but it did help me understand React a little better.


I’m not sure how much time was wasted crafting cover letters that actually explain why I would be a good fit. One of the products I implement is RoR based. You should attempt to build a portfolio of your work. I think it’s largely going to depend on on the cscarerquestions, as a cover letter tends to not be a great place to give context as cscreerquestions technical aptitude or skills as much as it will to demeanor and presentability.

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Show up to the interview 10 minutes early. The following month I would start applying. There are at this point two answers on this question that disagree with me. And the person who is might not be technical and might have more of an HR background.

If you are having trouble getting the offers, again visit your library and read books on job interviews there are lots of them. Why did csfareerquestions leave csacreerquestions last job?

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This is really interesting, I think we’ve experienced some very different companies! Inevitably the team finds out that some stuff was way harder and some stuff was way easier and this learning experience is what I’m looking for.

Dear Pipewise, I found out about you guys on the Benchmark website. I basically only got my current job because they were looking for warm bodies. Once at the interview show your eagerness.

You might argue that you are losing out on the networking and career advice provided by a bootcamp. That seems very high, but like I said, the job is already yours if you get to the interview. I developed cards using React and Meetup API allowing the user to cscareerquestionss up for the next three meetups from our website.


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If you did any significant projects in school, put them on there as well. Two or more attachments? These days I think it is almost imperative if you are a programmer to have a portfolio. That way I would have a list of project ideas when I was ready. One thing I’ll tell you is that colleges have a tendency to not teach very much at all in their CS degrees, compared to what they should. If so, what did I need to work on to prepare for interviews?

We want to get to the good part Getting your CV in order and getting a good portfolio together is a huge job.

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I actually started doing this when I worked at a 3 person start-up. That’s all I have to say.

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Everyone said it was a difficult codebase to read let alone contribute to. Knowing at least a few more languages than they teach you in college, as well as how to integrate a database into a program. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. I was originally content with just doing one intro course, but everyone seemed to recommend Harvard CS50, so I decided to dive into that next.