Will I be able to find a job next term if I can’t find a job this term? You may not negotiate a shorter work term commitment with your employer. You need working or extra-curricular experience related to what you want to do after graduation in order to get a co-op job. What is the required length of a work term? Finally, the work term evaluation is where the employer will potentially make a return offer to you. You cancel and reapply, and it will not take another spot out of your limit of 50 or

After the Interview Ranking You will see rankings when the ranking deadline is open. Take your time to find an answer yourself, whether it be poking around on StackOverflow, or in the massive codebase. You can do it. Continuous starts after Main Round Rankings are done, and last all the way through finals. This will continue to have more attention in the future. Did they recently get funding?

Go in with no expectations, and you can never be disappointed. It will hurt being rejected or not ranked by a bunch of companies and feel like an attack on your abilities. There are two parts to the co-op process: Strategies Offers and rankings are a game. Reddit employment-timing circumstances do sometimes arise; your student advisor can provide guidance as necessary.


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Take your time to find an answer yourself, whether it be poking around on StackOverflow, or in the massive codebase. They take too long to write otherwise. Because you have a collection of interview clothes in your closet ready for you at any time. Form functionality was added to WaterlooWorks.

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Each of these items is covered in great detail in Step 4. Your employer gives you an overall rating: You will usually have another weekend to apply to jobs in Second Posting. On this page, we will update you with enhancements that have been added to the system and student-facing bugs that have been resolved.

You rank them from 1 to For me, my goals were as follows: You have something called a shortlist that lets you keep track of jobs. This is purely based off personal experience and my small group of friends as of May For in-person interviews, you wait your turn in the main lounge in the lobby, and watch the screens mounted reddlt the ceiling for your name to come up.

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Your TAs do resume critiques. Students may navigate away from WaterlooWorks and still return to their saved search. P The point is, everybody goes through the same things. Watch the job description to see what eeddit might interest them. Your friends can help with this too. Terms you should know: Fast food, general labour, landscaping, painting and bartending will generally not count as a co-op credit.


This is due to a combination of not having experience, competition with upper-years, and stress from university. WaterlooWorks is a mess in terms of UX.

cover letter uwaterloo reddit

Everybody gets rejected at one point or another. You can find the emails of all the other interviewees when you check your interview times and locations. Main Round is further subdivided into two sections: Skip to main Skip to footer. And open a thesaurus.

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The amount of money you make during co-op makes you feel a little less in debt. Get a friend to ask you common interview questions, and try to answer them. The limit for continuous is applications, combined with second posting. She is also obsessed with makeup and advocates for cruelty free beauty.