Application package document order has been changed from: Before you start your job, you should have a few goals in mind. The work term evaluation is your report card for the work term. With that said, good luck everyone with your future interviews, and hopefully you can get your top choice! Personally, I was pretty terrified at all poitns of the process. You will usually have another weekend to apply to jobs in Second Posting.

What does that show? Fall , as opposed to showing applications that have been submitted in a given number of days past. This is the most important thing after resumes, because the major deciding factor as to whether you get an offer is how well you perform at the interview. If you have weekly performance reviews with your supervisor, get as much feedback as you can, and act on that feedback. Assume the interviewer looks at your resume for five seconds or less. Each of these items is covered in great detail in Step 4. For in-person interviews, you wait your turn in the main lounge in the lobby, and watch the screens mounted on the ceiling for your name to come up.

Get there on time, where on time means ten minutes in advance.

This is purely based off personal experience and my small group of friends as of May On this page, we will update you with enhancements that have been added to the system and student-facing bugs that have been resolved.


What do I do rddit I get a job that was posted in WaterlooWorks? Skip to main content. They take too long to write otherwise. Before the Interviews Resume Your resume is the most important part to getting an interview.

They assign you a rank from 1 to 10, where 1 is they really want you, and 10 is preferably not but OK. Application package document order has been changed from: Make some new friends and resdit my professional network.

Job search – frequently asked questions

Strategies Offers and rankings are a game. In addition, they can further refine results by level junior, intermediate, senior on the search results page. Get a friend to ask you common interview questions, and try to answer them. About five weeks into the work term, WaterlooWorks will want you to do an eCheckIn. Assume the interviewer looks at your resume for five seconds or lettter.

Are your key skills and projects highlighted?

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Go in with no expectations, and you can never be disappointed. For help selecting an interview time slot, visit our help documents. During the Winter term, rankings were viewable Friday 2 March. Glassdoor is good for full-time employee reviews, some salaries, and common interview questions. In Engineering, students go to co-op after either one or two coveg terms. Sure, you founded a club.

Important dates Steps to get hired Employer info sessions Find international job. Minor PSA Interviews are sent out on a rolling basis, up until the last week of main round or continuous.


Also, it looks good to be on time.

cover letter uwaterloo reddit

I personally use WaterlooWorks Now WaterlooWorks Azurewhich has nice features including being able to preview jobs and having Glassdoor integration for a rating of the company by other employees. You may not negotiate a shorter work term commitment with your leetter.

cover letter uwaterloo reddit

Please set your expectations: You can see the emails of all the other interviewees on this screen, as well as the location of your interview. Job search results can now be opened in a new tab. What does that show? Fallas opposed to all jobs ever applied to through WaterlooWorks. This is due to a combination of not having experience, competition with upper-years, and stress from university.


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Continuous is where you end up if you do not get a job in main round. I feel that I don’t have any experience and that I have nothing to offer companies.

I was scared that the interviewer seemed bored or falling asleep while I was talking about something I was passionate about. Offers and rankings are a game.