I think SAIC has sent out interview notices, based on the results page, but the rest haven’t notified. He said faculty had made their decisions and “You will receive an official email notification from our Graduate Division in the coming weeks. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Posted October 10, Wish you luck and happiness. International, without US degree; O: You can’t tell what the atmosphere’s like until you get there, so if you do get in a few places try to visit, or ask for the email of a current student.

I was one of the comments before saying haven’t heard anything. Applied this week and noticed they started reviewing in January: Definitely apply if the program itself is appealing. Had an interview with two POIs two weeks ago in person; unofficial announcement came on the same day afternoon. I just sent my request to a n g s t and the draft.

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I’m also having trouble narrowing down my schools. Just turned down my offer at Miami, if anyone is waiting for that!

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Feel free to query me if you’d like more information about the WKU program; I’d be happy to share what I know or point you to someone who can help you better than me. Thank you so much!


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After getting an offer from Bennington I emailed to check status of my application with WW. Accepted today after what felt like creatice endless wait. I’m the second acceptance woot! Best of luck to all the applicants. I asked for upwards of a dozen when I was applying to MFAs. Some schools work in waves–early rejections, first pick acceptances, second round rejections as spots fill up, last waitlist offers, and final rejections.

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By CkohJanuary 9, in Literary. I’ve been looking for “a n g s t” on Facebook, but can’t seem to find it. You can’t tell what the atmosphere’s like until you get there, so if you do get in a few places try to visit, or ask for the email of a current student. Haven’t heard anything yet. They did not return my emails. All the best to everyone else who applied!

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Reviving this thread because notifications are coming in. I haven’t heard back from anyone yet, but it seems like U of O has started to send out wait lists? Best of luck to everyone! Hi everyone, I’m a first-year MFA student specializing in fiction with a secondary emphasis in literature at Western Kentucky University. Fingers crossedI’ve looked at stats from previous years and I don’t think I’m gonna hear back from anyone until March, so I’m sweating.


Search the site to get an idea writihg how your programs respond and when they finally do. Canadian PR with a U. Showing results over 67 pages [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Very excited to buy a gun and live out in the woods forever in impenetrable solitude, Ted Kaczynski style! I didn’t find a post about programs so I started creatige here. Does anybody have any insights on the Adelphi or Hofstra programs? At this point, the only way in would be if someone who has accepted and paid a deposit changed their mind and decided wditing to attend.

Posted Creatjve 5, I’m now crazy, and broke.

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Even if you got into an excellent literary program, the faculty there aren’t necessarily going to be equipped to be most helpful to you. The reject was mentioned there.

It’s a really cool town, and incredibly beautiful. Fingers are crossed and hopes are high, we’ll see where the Lord wants me to go I called Admissions last week and she told me that the letters should coming out this week.