Achievement of the general objectives is dependent on an undergraduate reaching detailed objectives set for individual activities of the course. Students undertake 13 experiments during the Lent term and the first three weeks of the Easter term. The good practice initiated during the exposition exercises is developed throughout the course, whenever students write laboratory or project reports, essays or give oral presentations on their project work. Some experiments are ‘short’. Product design exercise The students’ assimilation of the material covered in the eight lectures on the principles of design is tested through a product design project where they are asked to design a device to meet a specified need. If you need advice on a particular aspect of your report or you are otherwise held up on some point, then seek help. Work set for each drawing class must be handed in at the end of each session.

The standard credit scheme has been designed to encourage students to attend coursework sessions punctually, to complete each laboratory-based activity within an appropriate time to a satisfactory standard so as to achieve the main objectives of the activity, and to submit any written work for marking within a specified timescale. Students’ assimilation of the lecture material and their reading around the subject is assessed through a report. Your lab record should start on a new page for each experiment performed. Arthur Shercliff travel scholarship application form. If you have comments about any experiment, please tell us about them using the fast feedback facility. Assessment is by the quality of the tested product, the quality of the drawings and the individual reports.

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LTSpice write-up, 2 marks Radio demo, 1 mark Report, 5 courseworrk. Printed copies of the handout will be available at the start of each lab. Skip to main content. In each assessment session, all lab 1x will be allocated a slot for a minute long session. You should always comply with the safety instructions either issued by a demonstrator or displayed on notices alongside equipment. Lectures are timetabled throughout the Michaelmas and Lent terms, and the first four weeks of the Easter term.


In Lent, the focus is on manual drawing, emphasising the principles and practices that define how three-dimensional objects are represented on two dimensional surfaces such as paper. Students registered to these courses are automatically enrolled at the start of the course and can engage in the course activities, including coursework submission when appropriate. Your report, together with that of your partner, will be marked by a demonstrator at a signing session.

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More information may be available Students who fail to reach the qualifying marks, or who fail to attend or hand in certain coursework, will have the shortfall deducted from their total in the Tripos. Copying the work of others is unacceptable. These papers and the lecture courses examined in them are: You may be excluded from labs if you do not bring them.

The notebook should be used to record all the readings, observations and calculations that you make, unless the instruction sheet specifically states otherwise. Students undertake 13 experiments during the Lent term and the first three weeks of the Easter term.

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Lab safety instructions No eating, coursswork or smoking is allowed in the labs or drawing or computing areas. In addition, each student is required to give a short minute talk on technical material and to take part in a debate on a current technical topic, or other appropriate activity.


How to read the lab and coursework rota. The structures are tested to destruction in ascending order of ‘cost’.

However, lart your work with colleagues, supervisors or demonstrators is encouraged and can bring about improvements to the standard of the report you submit. Part IA syllabuses; links to on-line resources. Part I Examinations timetable.

Staff take it very seriously and every coyrsework it leads to real changes, for example:. Self Service 3D Printers.

Non-destructive testing L S Electrical and information: See the following pages for further information:.

cued part 1a coursework

Each task is completed and signed up in the two-hour morning period assigned to it. The syllabus pages will give you lecturer details for part IA and part IB lecturers. Other cjed of the University, staff or students, can self-enrol as observer and gain access to handouts and other documents made available to the students by the lecturers.

Coursewotk you have comments about any experiment, please tell us about them using the fast feedback facility. For more information see www.

Charts and other records should be glued or stapled into your notebook.

cued part 1a coursework

Lab and coursework handouts. The lab record and long report It is essential that you bring your lab notebook with you whenever you are timetabled to perform a long experiment. The Lent Term activity is a group exercise, with students working in pairs.