Mexican and American In Brazil, his two science series for TV Globo’s “Fantastico” were watched by over 30 million viewers. Las Artes y las Letras September , pp. Interviews and public statements: History of Science Harvard University M.

Las Representaciones en la Ciencia, ed. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. History of Science Society, Washington D. Second, it analyzes the work of important writers of modernity and civilization focusing on Marx, Bergson, Freud. Spanish and English Advanced: Log In Sign Up. This page was last edited on 28 March , at

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Marcelo Gleiser

Gleiser’s current research interests include the physics of the early Universe, the nature of physical complexity, and questions related to the origin of life on Earth and elsewhere in the Universe. Science and art sometimes meet, crash, and separate.

curriculum vitae de marcelo gleiser

Observation in the Age of Strobe. The seminar will design and develop a general education course on these themes for undergraduates.


He is also a member of the Brazilian Academy of Philosophy. Topics include astronomy, cosmology, metrology, and physics. This course will examine the shifting relations between art and science from the Early Modern period to the 20th century.

curriculum vitae de marcelo gleiser

This page was last edited on 28 Marchat The course examines imaging techniques from the Scientific Revolution to the twentieth century.

Debates about determinism and free-will and the nature of time and space will be covered. Iowa,pp. Research Board Proposal number: Philosophie im Zeitalter der Bewegungstechnologien. Las Artes y las Letras Septemberpp. Translated in over 15 languages, Gleiser’s books offer a uniquely broad cultural view of science and its relation with religion and philosophy.

Latvia,pp. Berlin,pp. First, it offers a historical perspective focusing on landmark changes of the period, particularly focusing on science Pasteur, Darwin, Maxwell and technology steam engines, rail, telegraphy, photography.

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The Matter of Fact What is a scientific fact? Non-Euclidean Geometries around How are scientific facts and laws discovered, gleizer, and, sometimes, overturned? History of Science Society, Washington D.


Vienna,pp. Review of Loving Faster Than Light: John Brockman February Commentary on Science and Society, online at https: Catalogs and conference proceedings: Hoxie University of Illinois Press, Januarypp.

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The Matter of Fact 2. Naturwissenschaft und Technik bei Walter Benjamin, ed. Views Read Edit View history.