They link my interdisciplinary teaching, research and creative activities with the community at large as well as the community of readers, writers, reviewers, scholars, publishers, teachers, promotional entities for research. Interview by Yves Beauchesne. Issue of XYZ On Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature. Interview by Guy Harvey. University of Toronto Quarterly

Spec issue of Dalhousie French Studies 23 Concours du Printemps des arts Contest category: Catholique de l’Ouest, Angers, Fr. Interview by Mark Munroe Dion. Organizer of a visiting lecture by Moroccan writer and scholar Abdelhak Serhane.

US Princeton U. Consultant by Elise Michaud, U.

Gildas Berthelot

Fondo de Cultura Economica, Exhibition of manuscripts “Le Surveillant,” and “Le Balayeur. Guest author and speaker.

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British Columbia] Since July 5, TV Beograd, Belgrade Yugoslavia. L’Oeuvre de Julia Verlanger. Featured interview by Thomas King. Interview by Christian Jade.

L’atelier Madelaine – Ebeniste agenceur

ebeniate Casa Editoriala Demiurg, Interview by Gilles Archambault. Illustrations in book on painter Jean Paul Lemieux. Armand Morel and Denise Nevo. Independent studies for Jill Crosby, “Eroticism in sci-fi. Webinar, Washington and Tel Aviv, May 18, Tampa and Le Havre became sister cities in Theses and Dissertations on my Works Yourcenar Prize meeting in Cambridge.


On the Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature. Logistics support, May External evaluator and Co-Dir. Featured TV interview by Jean Barbe. Broadcast on September 23 and November 8, Interview by host of Neuf et demi.

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Short stories translated 1. Rencontre du 3e titre. Featured interview by Sara Fredaigue.

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Radio, television and print. Web USA Dec 20, Albion Press, Yourcenar Prize jury meeting, Cambridge.

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Beau Temps, mauvais temps. Lecturer, French literature, U.

Evaluation of 10 manuscripts.