Institute for Animal Husbandry — Zemun, str. The application include small local database to store the whole information. PhD and Goat Breeding Address: WAV normalization sequential naming naming. Converter conversion html creator doc2html convert doc. Effects of non-genetic factors on milk production in Awassi breed of sheep in Macedonia Lecturer: Skip to main content.

Computer program for selection of sheep, goats, cows and buffalos Journal of Mountain Agriculture on the Balkans, Vol. Regional Conference of Sheep and Goat Breeding Goce Delchev, No 9, Skopje, Phone: Trajkovski 55 In situ and Ex situ gene conservation of domestic animals in the Republic of Macedonia Book of Abstracts of 5th Congress of ecologists of the Republic of Macedonia with international participation, pp. Macedonia , Orderer: Skip to main content. Genetic parameters for reproduction and growth traits in Boer goats in Brazil Orderer:

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Influence of non-genetic factors on the annual milk production of Ovchepolian sheep in the Republic of Macedonia Lecturer: Dairy sheep breed Assaf — breed for more attention Animal husbandry, 6. Agricultural Institute, Shumen, Bulgaria Date and place: Alexandar Makedonski, BB, 8.

Effect of body condition of Rahmani ewes on their follicular development during the first ovulatory majedonski Orderer: Programme for creating a reproductive center for Virtemberg Merinolandschaft sheep breed in R. Skip to main content.



III Symposium of livestock production with international participation, Organizer: Editor in Chief Title: Results of several factors influence on daily milk production in Awassi breed in Macedonia.

PhD Examination of quality and hygienic correctness of the by-products obtained in manufacturing vegetables and fruits 42 Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design, Vol. Member of the Organizing Committee, Organizer: Effect of parity, season and test day on daily productivity of East Friesian ewes in Macedonia Lecturer: Faculty of Agriculture, University of East Saraevo, str.

Features Current version has the foll. Member of the Scientific Board Organizer: Intensity of growth, productivity and body condition score of young breeding animals of the Thracian Merino breed.

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Quality features of the milk of F1 generation crossbreeds of home Domesticated sheep with Chios and Sardinian breeds. Virtual CV Builder Virtual cv Builder allows the user to break down each section of the CV in to manageable bites, gives help and tips on completing a section and builds an effective final CV document. Genotype, sex and interaction effect on lamb growth traits Orderer: Tradition and Modernity in Veterinary Medicine, Some production traits of the new imported East-Friesian sheep in Macedonia Event: Animal Recording and sheep selection, with special review of several dairy breeds Wavy Lab Make your images in a wave shape.


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curriculum vitae makedonski

Statute of the Company — revised text. Petrovic, Ana Palasevska MacedoniaOrderer: Sheep and Goat Breeding Address: Establishment a capacities for assessment the meat quality at lambs by applying mkedonski immunohystochemical and molecular methods for evaluation of morphological skeletal muscle fibers types Remember me cjrriculum this computer. Programme for Introduction of Black Head sheep in R.

Ivanova Tanja, Pacinovski N. Influence of the season and stage of lactation on the milk parameters and urea concentration in milk Holstein cows Orderer: Regional distribution of cattle, sheep and goat farms in the Rebuplic of Macedonia, according to farm size and breed structure Orderer: Programme for creating of dairy sheep breeds nucleus Authors:

curriculum vitae makedonski