To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. What does a coherent strategy look like after this disastrous year? Adam Woods rated it really liked it Aug 04, In his essay “Blood Year: Kaitangian rated it really liked it Dec 24,

Brian rated it really liked it May 24, Two well-known journalists have agreed not to attribute what people say. He pulls a few punches in describing the full extent of their on-ground tactics and violence, which is probably good given the wide audience. While Kilcullen is a prosaic stylist – there is a streak of TE Lawrence romance in him. I’ve had the honour of interviewing him sometime ago, he’s certainly is an info-bank. Former prime ministers and presidents, current foreign ministers, generals, ambassadors and intelligence chiefs are here, with White House staffers, presidential envoys, leaders from the Middle East and Africa, Americans, Brits and Aussies, Iranians, Russians, Chinese and Indians. Skip to main content.

Panic pervaded Vlood, and Erbil capital of Kurdistan was a frontline city, within the sound of the guns and occasionally within reach of them. Now if we can just find our way out of it He provides a good if introductory description of ISIS and its immediate historical causes. Published May 20th by Black Inc. How could the President so misjudge things, just days before the debacle? We have removed our troops from Iraq. Now in the era of ISIS Kilcullen is needed again to fix a flawed strategy, and he warns that the conflict that we see across the world has become the ‘new normal’.


Quarterly Essay Blood Year – Terror and the Islamic State by David Kilcullen ·

We’re here to help. Oct 04, Blair rated it really liked it. Blood Year also available as an audiobook from Audible. Kilculen for a discussion of his essay and the state of ISIS.

david kilcullen quarterly essay blood year

Brian rated it really liked it May 24, What does a coherent strategy look like after this disastrous year? Kilcullen has worked as a strategic advisor on the ground in Iraq, Afghanistan and numerous other trouble spots. He is eseay the author of multiple books on insurgency and counterinsurgency including The Accidental Guerrilla and Out of the Mountains. Politics aside, what is important in this essay is the analysis of what Iilcullen is, what they are trying to do and how the West can swart their goals.

Kilcullen’s essay will be available for sale at the event. However Obama’s ‘premature’ withdrawal of forces threw those gains away. In his essay “Blood Year: So its failure is in part my failure too, and if we want to understand how things went so badly awry inwe must first understand where the strategy came from, and how it failed.

This essay feels like groundwork for a broader discussion of the likely future of 21st Century conflicts, but I wonder whether he’ll have time to write a book like that before it becomes a history. As with anything to do with the Middle East, occupation, insurgency or revolution, there are many many parties, many conflicting and changing interests, and very, very little to be cheerful about.

Once again, the corro far outshines the essay. Everyone should read this article to understand the geopolitical tensions at the moment and the emergence of Daesh and the role the West played in this.


Instead, it comes from decentralized al Qaeda affiliates and extremists, many with agendas focused in countries where they operate.

david kilcullen quarterly essay blood year

Shopping cart Show cart. A great introduction and analysis of how ISIS started, quaryerly it is propagating and what went wrong. Jul 09, Rich rated it liked it.

David Kilcullen sees it too. Winner of the Walkley Award for best long feature writing. Jul 23, Todd Charlton rated it it was amazing. I know this strategy intimately, because I helped devise it.

david kilcullen quarterly essay blood year

If you read a few books on this topic, you will get a few different opinions. A sober and well-reasoned look at the rise of the Islamic State, how the West’s failures militarily and politically contributed to it, and what can be done about it.

Blood Year: Terror and the Islamic State

What threats does it pose to Australia? Overhead a silver aerostat, a surveillance blimp positioned to detect the visual or heat signature of anyone approaching across the desert, glints in the sun. An Australian who helped shape the strategies of disaggregation and the US surge in Iraq.