The segment is based on the American television game show Card Sharks. Its September 19 and September 26 episodes, the first and second dates of AlDub, garnered ratings of The player has 60 seconds to perform the task. Indonesia The New Eat Bulaga! It is a segment in which the hosts provide beauty tips for barangay residents who have beauty problems. It also became popular because of the performances of its in-house dancers, the SexBomb Girls , and their famous chants during the jackpot round. Retrieved January 6,

Eventually, Problem Solving gave birth to the phenomenal loveteam called AlDub , and the segment gradually morphed into a live impromptu soap opera called Kalyeserye. Feeling Pogi is a “beauty” contest for less attractive men who have the guts and the talent to woo the viewers and to win the competition. The segment is sponsored by the local telecommunications company Globe Telecom. The winning barangays will win a Christmas package and prizes from the show’s sponsors. There are 3 BOOM! Kilometrico Quiz Date is a quiz show segment that was sponsored by the ballpen brand Kilometrico. Each barangay has a representative for the dance challenge, the group dancers must dance the novelty song Look Up by Ryzza Mae Dizon and Jose Manalo featuring Bob Jbeili.

Dabarkads Joey de Leon, Janno Gibbs, and Anjo Yllana as judges, who assume the roles of DoughnutLollipopand Popsicle respectively, from the Balakubak portion of the said comedy show. Mendoza was discovered through the internet through her Dubsmash videos.

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The name of the segment is based on the famous catchphrase, “Let’s volt in! The home viewers’ SMS text votes are then converted into money which will be donated to each group’s chosen barangays that were devastated by the typhoon.

eat bulaga problem solving may 15 2015

The dance contest serves as a promotional segment for the song ” Everybody Backstreet’s Back ” by the Backstreet Boys after its release in Indonesia later The New Eat Bulaga! Four lucky people are chosen from the studio audience. It is a game segment for children sponsored by Flintstones Chewable Vitamins. The segment is one of the several reincarnations of the segment Gaya Gaya, Puto Maya.


eat bulaga problem solving may 15 2015

The two were featured on YES! The group with the lowest score will be punished at the end of the segment. The winner will win several prizes such as gift packs from the show’s sponsors, grocery items, appliances, and a cash prize. Bayanihan of d’ Pipol.

The spotted sari-sari store will win a cash prize and gift packs from Alaska. Retrieved May 19, Four wishers from the studio audience are chosen where their wishes are granted. It is a counseling segment regarding love problems.

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Bayanihan of d’ Pipol returned in and has evolved into one of the most iconic segments of Eat Bulaga! Pogi has become an important stepping stool for male teens who wants to enter the showbiz industry. The Manila Times in an editorial cartoon depicted that many national issues in the Philippines are being permanently ignored because of the popularity of AlDub, Korean dramas and K-pop in the Philippines. Eat bulaga problem solving may 15 Essay on phone communication Steps in writing a simple business plan Examples of case study research in psychology Eat bulaga problem solving may 15 The segment is fully scripted and the outcome of the competition is previously arranged.

Lola’s Playlist is a subsegment of Kalyeserye. On that episode, the first showdown happened, but Machete was in the Broadway Centrum studio while Achuete was in the barangay. Among them were supporting the campaign to stop lumad killings, gathering donations for a book drive for lumad children, charity concerts for the Mangyans, outreach and feeding programs, and an awareness campaign for dengue prevention.


Each group is accompanied by an Eat Bulaga! Its participants are “Team Barangay ” barangay residents and ” Team Bahay ” home viewers outside of the barangay. The segment is a counterpart of the segment That’s My Boya pageant for male children. Each group must answer the teacher’s question by integrating their answer into a song of their choice.

After 24 hours, ALDubEBTamangPanahon, the official hashtag for the event, reached 41 million tweets, [52] becoming the third most tweeted topic for the TV category worldwide in [53] and the most used hashtag within 24 hours on Twitter.

It is a revival of the I Object, Your Honor segment. Competitors from the barangay of the day play a modified version of the game potato sack race called “sack and field, field and sack”.

eat bulaga problem solving may 15 2015

The new loveteam, popularly known as AlDubtripled the show’s normal AGB Nielsen Mega Manila and nationwide television ratings, and AlDub became the top daily trending topic on Twitter in the Philippines and even worldwide.

For Team Barangaythey are must then race to the numbers laid out on the streets in under a minute. Challenges can range from playing traditional Filipino games with a twist to retrieving objects in a tank full of cockroaches. Friendship and their loyalty to the show are the only factors that keep them together.