Archived from the original on 20 October Alden then apologizes to Yaya for not telling her that he was going away for a while and that he will wait for the right time. Meanwhile, the Sisters argue if they should let Yaya Dub know about her real mother. Lola Nidora, on the other hand, is not amused. Alden and the Rogelios help in the search by distributing flyers everywhere and posting notices even on social medial. Retrieved 1 December

The Dabarkads asks the Lolas if they have any special requests. Mga Paalala ni Tia Bebeng – Facebook”. Retrieved 2 February Isadora used to be rebellious and have bad temper tantrums. Nidora arrives and informs her sisters that nothing bad had happened at the Mansion and Rihanna just exaggerated on trivial things. The studio panel agrees and Tito Sotto promises that Alden will be there as long as all of them attend. Soon, the Riding-in-Tandem arrives and delivers fresh lumpia and Yaya thanks Alden for them.

Eat Bulaga May 29 Part 2 – – video dailymotion

Retrieved 14 March Upon further reading the diary, Nidora realizes that the key is hidden inside a flowerpot in the garden, but she has instructed Rihanna earlier to dispose of all flowerpots at the mansion to prevent the spread of dengue outbreak.

Yaya, who was with her adoptive grandmother and employer Lola Nidoragets teased all the more after she returns his smile and waves back.

On July 13,three days before the anniversary of AlDub, Imagine You kay Me was shown in cinemas worldwide as an anniversary gift to the fans bulaag AlDub.


The caller contacts them again and says that Yaya Dub is in the Broadway studio, so Alden checks the whole area but does not find Solvng Dub.

Tan-Ning, stating that Lola Nidora is really sick and will die soon. Retrieved 1 February Lola Nidora, who is getting a little soft for the couple, also tells Yaya that her love for Alden should be her inspiration for her job. Tan-ning to say that she is dying.

eat bulaga problem solving may 29 2015

Rihanna enters the dining room and asks to have a photo with the couple, because she is excited for Yaya, who is her best friend. Yaya Dub gives Alden a letter and in exchange, he gives Yaya the handkerchief Bossing Vic gave to him earlier. Retrieved 16 August Fans who were unable to buy tickets were also given the opportunity to donate to the project.

Later, Divina arrives, all packed and ready to go. Retrieved 4 April Alden also gives Maine matching pillows with their pictures on it. Retrieved 24 August Day 1, Day 2, etc. Yaya Dub and Alden’s ‘Cinderella’ moment”. Lola Nidora is confident however that Alden will surrender when he faces the next challenge.

She chastises Alden for being unreliable, after he tried to meet Yaya Dub after the show. Meanwhile, Nidora reprimands Tinidora and Tidora for their revealing outfits and abundant make-up, and tells Yaya Dub not to emulate her sisters. Another riding-in-tandem arrives with a gift of candies from Alden, this time for Lola Nidora, which she does not accept.

EAT BULAGA (Problem Solving with YaYa Dub and Alden) – JULY 29 2015 FULL EPISODE PART [7/10] GIF

After some prodding from her sisters and without divulging all the details, Nidora discloses that it is the right time for Yaya and her mother, Isadora. Retrieved 9 February Lola Nidora, on the other hand, is not amused.


Lola Nidora is still anxious because pictures from the Secret Diary continue to be exposed.

eat bulaga problem solving may 29 2015

Lipat Bahay – Facebook”. Nidora arrives and informs her sisters that nothing bad had happened at the Mansion and Rihanna just exaggerated on trivial things. Meanwhile, Isadora calls Nidora, telling her that she knows everything that they are doing despite their deception. Alden attempts to catch up solvig stop the wedding.

Alden is the first to perform while Yaya Dub watches on the split- screen monitor.

The Manila Times in an editorial cartoon depicted that many national issues in the Philippines are being permanently ignored because of the popularity of Bulaa, Korean dramas and K-pop in the Philippines. Retrieved 23 April Upon arrival, Yaya tours the place and is about to go to where Alden is waiting, when Lola Nidora appears on the split-screen monitor.