Andrea Morello AM3 Nuclear quadrupole effects in single atom nanoelectronic devices. Supervisors have the right to void late registrations. However, they must meet the requirements of advanced independent study. Daming Zhang DZ16 Design of converters for wind energy generation. Aron Michael AWM8 nanoprobes for fast atomic force microscopy. Comparison of overhead transmission lines with submarine cables for electricity transmission. Phoenix Rising – manage your academic progress.

Please note that these courses are to be completed in your second year of study which are to be completed in two consecutive terms. The research course is also available for Graduate Diploma level students, and is essential for these students who are intending to articulate to the Masters level. Calculation Forms Templates for calculating your weighted averages to determine if you have Honours award or not: These are typically your final two terms of your Masters of Engineering Science program. This applies to advanced standing students as well as to students on exchange programs.

eet unsw thesis b

Postgraduate coursework students are required to do an advanced thesis research project. Thesis for loan More information on this course can thesiz found at the course website: Daming Zhang DZ2 Wind power forecasting for operational planning of power systems with large-scale wind power.

Daming Zhang DZ25 Study on digital protection using simulink. Daming Zhang DZ21 Grid synchronisation in wind power harnessing.

How to apply In the months prior to commencing your thesis the school office will contact you with instructions on how to select a thesis topic and supervisor.

You can find all information regarding topics, supervision and submission on the MINE Moodle page. Vassilios Agelidis VA10 Electrical safety in hazardous areas. Thesis Part B Report Latex template. Phoenix Rising – manage your academic progress.


Industry support is essential for research projects that are to be extended for Masters programs that require MINE, and is highly recommended for Graduate Diploma programs. As part of the Masters of Engineering Program Program there is a Thesis requirement that must be met. Field – circuit analysis of planar transformer at medium frequency for converter application.

Industry agreement to publish results of the research is required, or an agreement to publish aggregated results that do not identify specific mine sites or confidential information. Projects related to integration of renewable energy onto electricity grids – specifically power quality issues and voltage profiles. Nigel Lovell NL Real time movement and falls classification. Vassilios Agelidis VA6 Electricity network provatisiation and impact on prices, consumer services and associates benefits, if any.

The 12UOC can instead be replaced by more coursework courses. Study on different algorithms for extracting magnitude and angle of voltage, current and impedance for digital protection.

If you have any questions regarding your thesis, please make a post in the Moodle forum so that everyone can see the response from Tracie Barber.


You can check your own weighted averages using the calculation forms provided on the web. WAM of at least 80 and thesis mark of at least Andrea Morello Unw Engineering microwave cavities for long distance coupling of spin qbits Andrea Morello AM5 Ultra-high fidelity spin qubit initialisation with digital feedback.


Phoenix Rising – manage your academic progress.

Aron Michael AWM8 nanoprobes for fast atomic force microscopy. The University has a legal obligation to provide a healthy and safe workplace for employees and students. Please see below a list of thesis topics advertised by academics for students commencing their thesis session unnsw, some of these topics were run last year so may not be available next year.

Current Students – 4th Year Thesis Information

In addition, work-based projects must be approved by the Thesis Coordinator prior to enrolment. Comparison of overhead transmission lines with submarine cables for electricity transmission.

eet unsw thesis b

Please follow the steps mentioned below which will guide you on how to enrol yourself into Moodle. Development of a Matlab based power quality analyser to characterise power electronics designs.

Timetables | School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications

Once a supervisor reaches their limit please look for someone else. Such format is encouraged to give students the ability to prepare a scientific manuscript that could be submitted to a journal upon successful completion of the research project. This project involves an independent investigation at an advanced level and may include research, design, feasibility or other analysis requiring integration of knowledge and evaluation across a range of topics in the area of specialisation.

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