The template will already have the percentages of the marking scheme for the particular course you are attached to encoded in it. Audio-Visual Services advises you to book as far ahead as possible. The student is in command of the topic and shows some originality and enthusiasm in discussing it. Student evaluations at the end of Term 1 provide another form of feedback and should be used to help you improve your work with the students. An essay handed in after this time including any time after the tutorial has begun will be docked one grade-point a day. Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. If you encounter difficulties with individual students, these should certainly be discussed with your assigned instructor as soon as possible.

Unreturned essays should remain in the possession of the teaching assistant until the end of the formal April examination period. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. Emphasis will be placed on critical skills in reading and writing. Should you require visual materials to use in your tutorials, these must be booked in advance through Library Services in Mills Library by the instructor. Instructors should order desk copies for their T. Rewrites are not an option.

The first set of graded essays should be submitted sssay your instructor for review before they are returned to the students. The senior tutors will work the same number of hours per term as the regular T.

There will also be an informal meeting of Cultural Studies instructors and T. The experience of most T.

A Guide for Teaching Assistants

See pages for a list of committee members and “Where to go with Problems”. Remember, you can vary the discussion format: Where sources are cited, they tend to be misused or misinterpreted.


These lecture outlines will indicate when particular topics are to be covered and provide summaries of the issues to be raised. Thursday, October 12, A Critical Introduction An introduction to the fields of Cultural Studies and Critical Theory with a study of a range of theoretical approaches to culture as a site of meaning, identities, power, and pleasure. In Term 2, 3unit courses do not have tutorials the first week, but 1C06 does. A fairly basic or superficial treatment of the question or a fuzzy comprehension of concepts under study.

The instructor may request to visit a tutorial to observe the T. There may be mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation, as well as carelessness about scholarly documentation. The essay thoughtfully develops an interesting thesis or shows a sophisticated understanding of concepts under study. As well as a written record, T. This can be done through the office secretaries who have form letters for ordering desk copies.

Essays at the bottom of this range may not have fully digested the material, and may lean uncritically on secondary sources.

english 1a03 essay

Shorter Genres A selection of shorter literary texts short stories, poems, essays will be studied. Knowledge of the purpose and function of footnote references and bibliography may help to diminish the likelihood of plagiarism. Thereafter, you should let the instructor see a sample of the work you have marked and submit to your instructor a complete list of essay grades for each assignment.

A Guide for Teaching Assistants

Emphasis will be placed on critical skills in reading and writing. Chair will, in consultation with the course instructors, employ the criteria listed below essy making these assignments: A number of tutorial sessions, or parts of several tutorials, must be devoted to improving the students’ writing skills.


english 1a03 essay

Once you have completed each exsay you will be prompted to print out a form indicating that you have successfully finished it. Assignments will be determined by the T. This form will be provided in hard copy by the office; 10 managing time spent on each of your duties to conform with the agreement set out in the Hours of Work Form. It covers the work of the entire course. If you would like to have an evaluative letter in your employment file, you may ask your assigned instructor to write one.

Matters such as the englisb will be discussed: Important in the organization of all courses is the assumption that faculty members and teaching assistants will work as a team in close cooperation.

Introduction for New TAS: Fuller comments on these duties will be found in the pages following. Penalties For Late Essays All essays are due at the beginning of the tutorial in the relevant essat indicated above. Instructors should order desk copies for their T. Has serious inaccuracies or inconsistencies.

Contained in this booklet are the marking scheme and criteria for grading for first year enhlish.