To make it appear that the powers of the Central Government are not compromised and the right to self rule of the Bangsamoro is not jeopardized, the Draft BBL came up with the words coordination and cooperation on matters that may potentially undermine both. Everything you need to know”. They had a referendum only from the ARMM. The organic law therefore is a political settlement and not an ordinary piece of legislation. We want peace and progress, but we cannot have it instantaneously.

The SAF troops raided the hut where they believed Marwan was located, and the man they believed to be Marwan engaged them in a firefight and was killed. Tribal laws will still apply to disputes of indigenous peoples within the region. But he is just the latest in a string of leaders to attempt to put an end to decades of conflict in the troubled region. A news report about a filed petition before the Supreme Court led by Leyte Rep. A previous version of this piece, which was also published in the print version on the same date, indicated that the Local Government Code was passed in

Your email address will not be published. But what does this bill really mean? At sa pag-uusap naming ito, hindi nila nasabi sa akin na hindi sila pabor sa BBL. Stakeholders from various sectors attending the public bantsamoro of the House of Representatives on the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law at the Shariff Kabunsuan Cultural Complex in Cotabato City to show their utmost support for the immediate passage and ratification of the BBL.

What would happen to them? To ensure lasting peace, the Government should have a proper and adequate process. The concern is its management.


Would they have an alternative option? Is P-Noy looking for a legacy?

Making peace with the Bangsamoro Basic Law

There are things that still need to be clarified within the law. In that speech, she gave listeners a personal glimpse into what it is like to be a Muslim from a Muslim point of view. The unconstitutionalities need to be solved. In reality, they have no choice. They must level the playing field.

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On 27 Marcha final peace agreement fully fleshing out the terms of the framework agreement and annexes, known as the Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro CAB was signed between the two parties. It is hoped that the Law be passed as soon as possible as to help arrest the spread of extremism in the area. This page was last edited on 20 Mayat Original comments adding insight and contributing to analysis la especially encouraged.

The budget that would be given to them will take a big chunk from the National budget. The MOA-AD proposed the creation of an autonomous political region in Mindanao with its own police, military, and judicial systems.

The Bangsamoro Basic Law: What it means for peace in Mindanao

The SAF troops raided the hut where they believed Marwan was located, and the man they believed to be Marwan engaged them in a firefight and was killed. Here are some excerpts: Partly due to unethical media coveragethe dominant public discourses after Mamasapano betray a lack of concern among politicians and the general public about finding a lasting resolution to the conflict in Mindanao, and mirror the Islamophobia often present in global anti-terror campaigns. The six municipalities in Lanao del Norte and the 39 barangays in North Cotabato can be categorized as geographic areas, hence eligible to join the Bangsamoro.


Gov’t needs Plan B”. But what is the Bangsamoro Basic Law?

Can Peace be Attained through the Bangsamoro Basic Law? | CBCP News

For thousands of years, we were all just like every Austronesian-speaking people, in villages or out in the sea, until when a group of people in what is now Sulu accepted Islam and became the first from these islands to assume the identity essayy a world religion. The best solution is to compromise. Their thorough report demonstrates that with or without the BBL, historical injustices in the Bangsamoro, including land dispossession, serious human rights violations and impunity, must be addressed to provide the necessary conditions for peace in the southern Philippines.

Here is a guide to help you understand what the Bangsamoro Organic Law is, and what the Moro bangsamooro are aiming for. A critical analysis of the campaigns, legalities and processes of the Bangsamoro Basic Law. Retrieved 13 April This law needs bahgsamoro studying.

essay bangsamoro basic law

Vatican Live Video Streaming. A critical analysis on the Bangsamoro Basic Law, this article also poses reasons why the Bangsamoro Basic Law is badic violation of the Constitution.

Thinking that Filipinos are naive and ignorant, they want it to be passed and accepted notwithstanding the ire of the nation and the rational opposition of some politicians.