These range from efforts to avoid or stop wars, problems in ethnic relations, problems in gender or generational relations, to everyday contacts with people from other cultural backgrounds. Agrarian Politics Tony Varley. Postgraduates The School of Political Science and Sociology is proud to offer a suite of taught MA and PhD programmes for new graduates and mature students who want to embark upon professional paths that will make a difference. Read about life at NUI Galway. It then considers some debates about human nature and politics up until the end of the 18 th century. Students are advised to sign-up on time as the number of places per module is strictly limited.

This module is designed to give students an oppurtunity to consider children as both part of the family unit and as separate individulas in their own right. In this module, we study a number of well-known theories, and explore what kinds of lens each provides us with for viewing the social world. If you fail or defer your overall assessment in an option module, you will be offered an opportunity to undergo assessment at the time of the August repeat examinations. In former times, it was open to people to try to make sense of ageing and the development of the life course by hoping to acquire wisdom, which used to be considered the supreme aim of all educational processes. Policy-Making in the European Union.

You must consider the national and international context for your case-study and should draw upon the course reading material, supplementing this with your own additional research.

In the case of the latter, pol weekly participation i. Lectures 2 hours per week and 1 consultation hour per week. Many key contributors to modern social science were comparativists; they studied societies, nations and cultures to identify commonalities with their own socio-cultural surroundings while, at the same time, attempting to highlight differences between them.

Until relatively recently Ireland was considered one of the most patriarchal societies in Western Europe. Sociology of Religion Vesna Malesevic. Women, Men and the Economy: Find out what makes our University so special — from our distinguished history to the latest news and campus developments.


Does mainstream economics provide adequate explanation of these persistent gender inequalities? Particular attention is paid to ‘human rights issues’ that have galvanised international attention in recent years, such as: We also offer many opportunities for postgraduate research in the social sciences.

However, many students find it a genuinely engaging and stimulating subject in its own right. Later, in January, you will be afforded an opportunity to register your choice for the 2nd semester.

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The optional Classical Social Thought module critically examines theories put forward in the history of sociology which are still influential today — notably those by Marx, Weber and Durkheim snd in seeking to comprehend social change and profound questions about human behaviour. It begins by examining the subject of democracy.

For the Option Timetable and module descriptions see the 3rd year handbook below. Following on from this, the module will focus on conceptual questions and issues that are sssay to comparative social research. Admission to this option is quite tightly controlled as it is suited only to students who show evidence of high academic performance and a capacity for independent study.

essay entry form nuig soc and pol

It will be run on a workshop basis, partly off campus, and will aim to. Please beware of plagiarism: We reserve the right to de-list students who attempt to register with the University administration for an option without first signing up with the School. SP Development and Change.

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Essay entry form nuig soc and pol

Consistent with these three conceptual moves, we will read and discuss texts representative of early, middle and contemporary theorizations of modernity. Furthermore, students will gain insight and understanding of the current reform process being undertaken in the Irish administrative system.


Several of the case studies selected in this module are natural resources related and therefore we spend most of the time examining issues for rural communities]. I understand that this work may be entered on a database to enable detection of similarities and I give my consent to this. The impact of social movements and ideologies in the context of key challenges in the 21st century are also considered, essy as cultural pluralism, the politics of climate change, and conflicting conceptions of globalisation.

You must register for one only such option for your 1st Semester. With Option Modules, we offer approximately twenty modules per semester, and these modules provide an nuiig opportunity to acquire pol form in a range of subject areas, nuig well as providing the entry for a more active soc to learning than is possible in pol large lecture and.

A subsidiary aim is to enable students to gain an understanding of a culture which is in some ways very different from Ireland, and in some ways intriguingly similar. The spread of ethnic conflict, insurgency and other forms of organised violence in recent decades has enrty the line between war and peace. It includes a factual dimension in the collection and critique of social facts and trends, together with a more critical and theoretical literature which reflects on the general nature of society, social order, and social problems.

essay entry form nuig soc and pol

Sociology of Sexuality Vesna Malesevic. Compare different theoretical approaches on the management of Common-Pool Resources. These responses are contrasted with contemporary forms of hostility to strangers, including some evident in Ireland.