She went on saying that throughout her life, she fought a hard battle for democracy and supremacy of role of law, adding that it was her commitment and resolve that democracy exists in Pakistan today. Dentist , dental surgeon. Her train, called the Freedom Special, was 22 hours late because men at each station pulled the emergency cord, and begged her to speak. Armed with the wide-ranging constitutional powers of a President, he exercised complete control over all governmental machinery during elections. Fatima Jinnah any how lost the election because of the unfair means used by Ayub Khan, so he became the president of Pakistan.

Archived from the original on 3 March She dedicated her life to democracy and upholding the law. The official cause of death was heart failure, but rumours persist that she was murdered at her house at the behest of the military junta. Essay on mohtarma fatima jinnah in urdu. Now the problem was where to bury her, since according to Mr Abul Hassan Isfahani sahib, the government did not want bury her next to Mr Jinnah M.

essay on miss fatima jinnah in urdu

How Fatima Jinnah died — an unsolved criminal case. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

The Electoral College consisted of only 80, Basic Democrats, who were easily manipulated. Book Is A Good The opposition parties of Combined Opposition Parties were jinnwh united and did not possess any unity of thought and action. After the death of the Quaid-i-Azam, she often issued different statements on different occasions as reminders to the nation of the ideals on which Pakistan had been established.


Crowds in all cities of East and West Pakistan were enormous. A strong critic of the British Rajshe emerged as a strong advocate of the two nation theory and a leading member of the Misz Muslim League.

Jinnah died in Karachi on 9 July Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah Sahiba Throughout her life, she remained a selfless and sincere worker for the cause of Pakistan and the good of its people. But despite being the sister of the Quaid and holding a significant political position, her life largely remained mysterious and was riddled with many intriguing and controversial episodes.

essay miss fatima jinnah

She was a great leader and an asset for the nation. Of his seven brothers and sisters, kinnah was the closest to the Quaid. It was held in short period of one month. Get help with your writing. Seen as the natural successor of her brother, she was loved and revered by the masses.

essay miss fatima jinnah

This she never accepted. Miss Fatima Jinnah initially lived with her brother for about eight years tillwhen he got married to Rutanbai. Except for her tour to East Pakistan inshe had not participated in the politics since the Independence Day. Latter on Rattenbai died after eleven years datima February There were forces against her and they ensured that her voice was suppressed through various means. Your explanation is neither satisfying, nor assuring. The Second Amendment of the Constitution confirmed him as President till the election of his successor.


essay on miss fatima jinnah in urdu

Retrieved 19 September Archived from the original on 1 April In the s, she returned to the forefront of political life when she ran for the presidency of Pakistan as a candidate for the Combined Opposition Party of Pakistan COPP.

Jinnah stated in English that Urdu jinnxh should be the national language, The only sibling with whom the Quaid established a close, continuing relationship was Fatima. ,iss train, called the Freedom Special, was 22 hours late because men at each station pulled the emergency cord, and begged her to speak.

Fatima Jinnah 30 July — 9 July was a Pakistani dental surgeonwriterstateswoman and one of the founders of Pakistan. At that time Jinnah married Rattanbai. She also played a significant role in the settlement of Fatimz in the new state of Pakistan. In March she attended the Lahore resolution of the Muslims League. With sad expressions, you had requested that I omit certain parts of my speech.