I was not able to take care of him well. If this were the case, now, we could be in a better situation in the field of communication. The village is one hour away from the city center. If the game cannot be opened, you lose. The popularity of parties, however, causes some tension in the society. Also, they have a hot climate.

For example, an untrained dog might not follow its owners’ orders and bite someone and injure them. In the lecture, doubt was expressed concerning the advantages of the recent trend of forming teams to tackle projects, which was mentioned in the reading. Sometimes, you want to be alone and think to yourself, but in my opinion, thinking about the subject that your mind might have reverse effects on you. All these make a big difference to our happiness, no matter what our natural temperament. Whether you are happy or not depends on the personality you are born with.

At that moment, the dragon flew out of the cave to teach the snake a lesson. There are other ways to celebrate important events that may have greater value for their cost.

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The village is one hour away from the city center. We got really tired by the end of the day. Furthermore, online education has many advantages, which makes it seen as an alternative to traditional education. I and my friend were worried about our assignments and suddenly my friend noticed that someone from our school had entered the cafe. We were finally in the village in the evening.


People can use these sites to find their friends with whom they have not communicated for a long time. A worker who exercises should be able to complete a forty-hour week and still retain enough energy for mowing the grass, painting the garage, or cleaning windows.

The beams of sunlight separate into different colors we see as they enter a raindrop. At that moment, when the bull paused, its owner approached silently and caught him by the rope. It lives in a small cage with a mirror. As a result, there are many tiny creatures that we cannot see around us.

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In conclusion, researchers say that after 5 days the fever and other symptoms disappear but coughs and weakness may continue. Firstly, I will explain the causes of the influenza.

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Secondary Menu Skip örnekledi content. After washing, the potato slices are fried with oil at centigrade degrees. People choose to throw parties for a number of reasons.

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We saw lots of sharks. I like science fiction and action movies. My friends were laughing at me, this önrekleri because I was so excited.

He oou the dog to his house. My suggestion is that you need to be away from technology and unfruitful things, because they isolate you from others. We came across a flock of sheep in the forest. Here are English Paragraph and Essay Samples.


The match esssy about to start when he finished his talk. Take money, for example. You might not have enough money to go abroad and learn other cultures, but you can get much information about that by reading. Each snowflake is different from the other and they look white but they are transparent.

As ödnekleri physical problem, headache annoys people all day. I went to my office in the morning and I came back in the afternoon. Improvement, however, will come. I spent the night with my friends, because I was going to do my presentation next day.

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As a result, we should respect each other and the listen properly to understand one another as we live together in this world and I believe that we can understand each other, or else misunderstandings may bring about bad results. We were hit by a car. I was so happy. Then, this water steam condenses there and turns into little water droplets.