It would be also wrong to condemn labour intensive approach of Indian companies as they are a necessary constituent in providing livelihood to one of the world’s largest lot of under skilled or semi skilled population of India. In most of the MNC’s, you will be stuck in the same type of work for years; whereas in Indian companies, based on the requirement s , a person may have to handle multiple hats. So the skilled people would like to join in MNC. At the moment, mnc’s are superior but in coming years, we can negate the statement. Also you can’t decide a company with its salary. The underdeveloped countries regard transfer of technology from MNCs useful on account of the following reasons: For that Indian companies get low.

On the contrary side, it is eliminating our culture and more dependency on the MNC’s rather than domestic companies. This remains because many Indian firms are getting revenue in rupees. So definitely MNC’s act as a firm support to Indian company and hence are superior. Only the need of the hour is to have proper policies, flexibility, infusion of new ideas and innovative work practices and a more dedicated approach by our countrymen towards these Indian companies, that our companies will rise above the occasion and never let us down. In India itself making any companies and provide the opportunities to the Indian people get good income and also benefit for the economy. IBM has its own products e. Unless their goods meet international standards and quality specifications, they cannot sell.

essay on is mncs superior to indian companies

According to me, MNC jobs are good but they won’t give any kind of comforts we expect, but whereas our Indian companies provide a lot of facilities like giving quarters to live, pensions after retirements, annual parties and tours etc.

Here is also cut-throat competition for the higher post and package and yes, the syperior goal is to go 0ff-shore.


essay on is mncs superior to indian companies

As we all know Mncs are beneficial in our country in certain ways like it is creating more job opportunities in our ie, creating competition, coming up with newer technologies and improving the quality of goods and services. Well, it depends on your priorities. And average salary which is not sufficient for our needs and requirement.

But think for a while, why are they superior? Automatically our salary will be increased compare to MNc. Indian entrepreneurs are amongst the best talents of the world.

Indian companies, even after long duration since their inception are yet based on out-sourced projects. cmpanies

Siperior to Prepare for your Campus Placement? As there will be some patriotism in every individual, they want to work in Indian companies, work on Indian ideas, work for development of the country.

Essay on Multinational Corporations (MNCs) in India

The above data show the massive control exercised by the MNCs on the world economy. A common form of MNC participation in Indian industry is through entering into collaboration with Indian industrialists.

Getting their empire globally. If we talk about Indian companies then we can’t say that they are inferior than multi national companies. Because we are over here to grow and learn and want mncss have freedom from Old job Beliefs. The responsibility of controlling the activities of Multinational Corporations in India rests on different government agencies.

Is MNCs Superior to Indian Companies? – Group Discussion

Money isn’t everything and if you want to have a good professional life DONT choose to work for an Indian company. Wheresas MNCs don’t have such facilities and in these companies we don’t have job security. So please develop Indian company instead of developing foreign countries. There are many MNC that is also started from a small startup company in India then after they became large. And show himself superior to him the main motive of MNC is to earn profit not social welfare they achieve only their goal nit countries goals.


Take the initiative to participate and contribute your thoughts. The group may be shperior a topic and asked to discuss on the same manner. So ultimately we are superior than them. Because Indian companies are ready to involve their economic development and growth.

Why because, Most of the Indian people are leaving to foreign and they use their knowledge and technology to MNC’s. They don’t provide neither good package iw there is a chance of getting good exposure.

essay on is mncs superior to indian companies

If you see the populous list of companies operated in india, one could say that almost all are MNC’s. But since India is a developing country, our Indian companies should think of their better future and they cmpanies try to learn new technology.

If we use our knowledge in our own company then definitely our Indian companies will reach to MNC’s.

Is MNCs Superior to Indian Companies?

Points to remember before you participate in this discussion: Why should we travel? However, these tended to become routine. A multinational firm enjoys the following financial superiorities over the national firm: Good Day All, Superiority can be measured with many different constraints such as preferences given by the job seekers to the companies, ho facilities and salaries provided by them, human resource management, timeliness, job security etc.