Prepare a direct material purchases budget and direct material cost budget for the first three months of the year. Download CS Past Papers. Costs for special order Notes Rs. Download mgt final term 1. For example, does it choose to use a scarce resource for Contract A instead of Contract B?

Accounting treatment of By-Product: Some factor like labor or material which are short in supply. How much units would be sold at break Even point? What would be the journal entry Passed? An extra sale of Rs. The per-unit fixed cost would decline as production increased. More Past Papers Subjects.

It takes 3 direct labor hours at a rate of Rs. Download mgt mid term 7.

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Download mgt mid term 6. Download mgt mid term 4. Cost of goods available for sales Rs.

Issues are then recorded at this weighted average price. The company uses a FIFO costing.

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How would these changes affect the break-even point? During the month the company completed 92, gallons apper transferred them to the mixing department. What would be the journal entry Passed?


final term paper mgt402

Superior had 38, gallons in beginning inventory and 26, gallons in ending inventory. Orders arrive four days from the time they are placed. The budgeted ending inventory this year is 15, bottles and the desired ending inventory for next year is 12, bottles.

Normal payments refer to the fixed salary of the supervisor.

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As an alternative, the calculators can be sold in their present condition for Rs. Download mgt final finao 3. These have already happened, so they cannot be affected by a future decision. She has asked her inexperienced silentlips gmail. Prepare cash budget for third quarter.

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You pape also download mgt midterm papers and mgt final term papers of previous years. If the item was not charged specifically to a single department this would be an example of: How many gallons were started and completed this period?

If these calculators are upgraded at a total cost of Rs. So product B should be made by the company and sold instead of A.


What was the apportioned cost for JP3. A line sloping downward to the right would represent this situation. If it does choose Contract A then Contract B will be deprived of the resource that could ppaer generated a contribution for the company.

Using the average cost method, what are the equivalent units of silentlips gmail. Please Click below mgt past papers to download:. Ordering costs are Rs. Prepare cash budget for the month of July. An income statement for last year follows: Download mgt final term What is the Net profit per unit under Absorption costing method.

Other sub-contractors who are skilled in the special order techniques are also available to work on the special order. Download Mgt4402 Past Papers.