He studies language processing, and in his blog, http: He would seem to agree with Bolinger In tunes-based analyses, the meaning of a given pitch contour is believed to be conveyed by the whole contour. He assumed four relative pitch levels, i. The five pitch register values were distributed over the six source utterances, making up 30 PR stimuli. However, if there are differences in the perception of paralinguistic intonational meaning between languages, the obvious question is then how these differences will affect L2 learners. The contrast between Dutch 5.

However, the surprise-redundancy contour is also associated with the indirect usages of wh- questions, which are to be interpreted as, for example, suggestions, as in 3 , where the rising part of the contour is realised on the word California exactly because of the sense of redundancy There are six pitch accents in English Beckman and Pierrehumbert Het verhaal is te LANG maar is leuk om te lezen. English is the working language within the research group. Moreover, the implementation of form-meaning relations embodied in the biological codes is not restricted to speech production. Nevertheless, together with the earlier studies, the present study casts doubt on the postulated gradient form-meaning relation between end pitch and interrogativity.

By contrast, the wide-range language, British English, has a wide range exactly because its speakers are much keener to express the meanings encoded in the biological codes; hence the wide standard pitch range. In speech perception, it can be reflected in that speakers are capable of interpreting phonetic implementation in the speech of the others in known or unknown languages in accordance with the universal paralinguistic meanings of pitch variation.

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Sincere thanks to you all! A placement of the slash exactly at the right end of the VAS was given the score The stimuli differed in one of the six variables: In their perception experiment, the same pitch range was used for English and Motivatle stimuli.

formulier motivatie en curriculum vitae uu

vltae However, if languages differ in the paralinguistic signalling of intonation, the question is then how this will affect L2 learners.


The exact number of subjects whose data were excluded will be specified per characteristic in the sections 3.

Each analysis included the between-subject factor Language 2 levels and the within-subject factors Sentence Type 2 levelsin addition to the pitch-related variables in each data set.

As has become clear in Experiments 2 and 3 in Chapter 3, the range of pitch properties that listeners are attuned to can and does influence their interpretation of pitch variation. The more specific meanings that speakers attach to these biological codes are divided into attributes of the message informational meanings and attributes of the speaker affective meanings.

formulier motivatie en curriculum vitae uu

The battery should be suitable for assessing young adults 18 to 30 years with a broad spectrum of abilities. For example, Grabe Salary is according to standard Belgian regulations. Another may be the linguistic form-meaning relations, in which languages in principle differ from each other.

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The postulated universality of paralinguistic intonational meaning suggests that L2 learners will experience no difficulty in acquiring it in L2, as it is the same as in their native language. Native speakers of Hungarian, Mandarin Chinese and Dutch judged pairs of trisyllabic stimuli which were spoken with the same phonological pitch contour but differed in the phonetic implementation of the contour.

The existence of Type-1 differences is suggested by the fact that languages do in fact differ in standard pitch range. The authors accounted for these unexpected differences between British English and Dutch as resulting from a difference in standard pitch range.

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A wh- question with this contour can be interpreted both as a real wh-question and as a negative-implicating rhetorical question or suggestion. Hierbij wordt gebruik gemaakt van de aanwezige kennis op het gebied van biomedische technologie, zorg- en fitnesstechnologie, multi-media toepassingen, gaming, sensortechnologie en monitoring. Separate ANOVAs repeated measures on the within-subject factors were performed on each data set for each of the two dependent variables, i.

We are seeking a highly motivated PhD student for a 4-year project on instruction following and its implementation in the human brain. Other values were fixed as shown in Figure 2.



For more information about the Department of Experimental Psychology, see http: With respect to the first question, if we could show that listeners, regardless of language background, perceive paralinguistic intonational meaning in the same way and along lines that the biological codes predict, hu would have strong evidence for the universality of the paralinguistic intonational meaning.

Liberman and Sag claimed that parts 1 and 2 cannot occur without parts 3 and 4and that part 4the final rise, is systematically different from other final rises e.

If this explanation were correct, we would expect British English listeners to make a notivatie meaning distinction for a motivatei interval of pitch register in the perception of friendliness than Dutch listeners, despite wn wider 12 Because this difference between the two groups of listeners was not present in the perception of emphasis as signalled by pitch span variation, this finding supports our assumption that pitch register affects the use of the Effort Code, partially independently of pitch span.

These cases will, however, not concern us here. Informatie Voor informatie kunt u contact opnemen met: In this situation, British English and Dutch speakers project their pitch range in the same way on the semantic scale, such that a pitch value will correspond with identical semantic values in the two languages.

Huttar reported that the degree of perceived emotion assessed on nine 7-point scales: Chapter 3 is a slightly adapted version of a manuscript accepted for publication. For example, Willems observed that Dutch speakers used a much narrower pitch range than British English speakers when curricuulum sentences in English.

According to Liberman and Sag