It will automatically number the subsection wherever your cursor is. Insert page number on the pages before chapters, format it to roman. So, at the end of list of Figure, add section break Next page. Hi UKM students, Today I want to share to you all the template that I created so that you can write your thesis smoothly without having h Be careful that you dont disrupt the TOC format.

Nurul Huda 18 January at You can check the subtitle style. What I mean is that, don’t leave it blank as I told you in the guide, but write the title, for example: Inform me if the template is missing something. It is a bit complicated, hopefully you can understand.

Same concept as other chapter.

Managing Thesis Effectively using MS Word: Gaya UKM Template

In a thesis, you have to write cover page, acknowledgement, etc. If you still cant understand, Mr Google always ready to help.

gaya ukm thesis template

Finally, I really appreciate your voluntary service for the student community of ukm. This is the reason. Even though i tried to set it as none. Subtitle Style – Modifying Title of a Chapter 5. TOC is a bit tricky.


However, tbesis issue is the caption of table or figure. Nurul Huda 18 January at So, create a chapter with title: Go to your generated TOC assuming you have created itupdate field, update entire table.

gaya ukm thesis template

The styles are saved in First Paragraph style and the subsequent paragraph uses Normal style. Anonymous 15 October at I will highly appreciate any help in this regard. Your assistance is so useful for me.

As I mentioned before, TOC is a bit tricky, but it is better than manually writing everything: Then go to “TOC 2”, right click, choose modify. Again, if you ukmm to modify the distance, paragraph, etc, you better modify the style.

Table is drawn as normal table. I found the guide of setting caption in: So, basically that is it how you use my template to write chapters. Thank you very much for taking time to reply. Go to View, make sure Navigation Pane view is checked.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Thesis Template (English) – Overleaf, Online LaTeX Editor

Go to the Page number format, start from 1 instead of continue from previous section. Wish u all the best and success.


Just that they did not provide guide how to use it. Then choose the second tab, select none as the leader. Heading 2 – Section in a Chapter 6. Although you can’t see it because it is in white colorbut it will be shown in the navigation pane and in the TOC.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Thesis Template (English)

So, go to Home and choose Heading 1 style as shown in Figure 3. On chapter pages, you change the format of page numbers 1,2,3, so on and make sure it starts from 1. You will see list of styles similar to Figure 1. Inform me if the template is missing something.

gaya ukm thesis template

Try to click any items in the navigation pane, the cursor jumps directly to the section. Tick also “Different on first page”.