Go to the top of this page. Application at the GCB Step 1: Step-by-Step to the PhD Degree. If this option is chosen, a separate page needs to be inserted before each manuscript in the thesis, where the title of the manuscript and a short description of your own contribution is stated i. A new program for doctoral candidates and postdocs of every discipline.

If you have made changes to the text after your PhD Degree Application: The members of the Expert Committee decide no later than one week before the specified date of the thesis defense upon acceptance of the thesis and admission to the thesis defense. The GCB application date is taken as reference date for the submission of progress reports; i. The documents must be merged into a single PDF file and sent by e-mail to info gcb. Each student is supervised by a thesis committee consisting of a supervisor, a co-advisor and a mentor.

The research project is carried out in a laboratory affiliated to one of the participating Faculties or at a research institution recognized by the GCB. Application Deadlines for PhD Candidates. Harry van Lenthe Scientific Communications Committee: Strong writing skills in English are indispensable, while knowledge of French or German is desired.

The PhD program aims to provide comprehensive, internationally competitive training in the theory and practice of experimental research as well as in-depth specialist knowledge of the individually selected research area.


If the thesis is submitted before January 31 or July 31 and the defense takes place before the start of the new semester, i. Instructions for the preparation and submission of your PhD documents are detailed below. Please, send your application, including a letter of motivation, complete CV and records before February berm to.

PhD Program

Doctoral Studies at the University of Bern. Hard copies must be submitted to the GCB Secretariat. Links Welcome Center, University of Bern. Official UZH proof of registration, including matriculation number, issued by the University of Zurich. Luca Cristofolini Secretary General: Thesis defenses are announced one week ahead of the defense date.

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As a rule, the talk is given in the presence of the thesis committee and chaired by the mentor. Preferentially, the talk should be presented in a formal setting of an Institute or Department Seminar Series.

The candidate is expected to organize the talk and schedule a date in agreement with the thesis committee. Application for the PhD Degree.

Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences (GCB) – University of Bern

Assessments by Supervisor and External Co-referee. The external co-referee evaluates the written thesis. Tbesis supervisor evaluates the experimental work and the written thesis. The PhD documents are only issued upon receipt of the additional deposit copies and the electronic PDF copy of the final version of the PhD thesis.


Perren Research Award Prof. It is recommended that you actively exmatriculate after completion of your PhD, thezis contacting the Admissions Office. Confirmation of Supervision, University of Bern Confirmation of supervision: Sara Checa Meetings Committee: Photocopies of university diplomas e. Grab a beer and let your curiosity flow! Copies of translations of all documents 6 and 7, if they are issued in a language other than German, English, French, or Bcb.

Please note that either electronic or scanned signature is necessary.

GCB Symposium

Transferable Skills Program for Post Docs A new program for doctoral candidates and postdocs of every discipline. The examiners agree immediately on the assessment of the thesis defense and communicate it to the candidate.

gcb bern thesis

Dieter Pahr Education and Student Committee: Pint of Science ist ein Wissenschaftsfestival, das weltweit vom The outstanding candidate will be integrated in a research group in biomechanics combining experimental and computational methods to test original scientific hypotheses and develop new diagnostic methods or medical devices.